Bob Evans Breakfast Menu 2024 – Prices, Calories & Hours

Bob Evans, a well-loved family restaurant chain, specializes in comforting, homestyle breakfasts. Spread across the United States with more than 500 branches, the chain serves up classic American breakfast dishes such as pancakes, waffles, eggs, and sausage.

Bob Evans New Breakfast Menu

In this article, we’ll explore the Bob Evans breakfast menu, including details on the dishes available, their prices, operating hours, and nutritional facts.

Bob Evans Breakfast Menu

The Bob Evans Menu offers something for everyone, from the Bob Evans Senior Breakfast Menu designed with seniors in mind, to the Bob Evans All Day Breakfast Menu for those who love breakfast anytime.

Check out the Bob Evans New Breakfast Menu for the latest tasty additions, and don’t miss the special Bob Evans Christmas Menu during the holiday season. This menu is all about bringing delicious, comforting breakfast options to your table.

Bob Evans Senior Breakfast Menu

Bob Evans Full Breakfast Menu Prices

The Bob Evans menu offers a variety of delicious breakfast options, featuring everything from pancakes to omelettes, perfect for any taste.

Food ItemPrice RangeCalories Range
Caramel Apple Farmer’s Choice$11.991100
Farmhand Biscuit Sandwich Platter$12.991290
The Original Farmer’s Choice$10.70 – $14.601070 – 1460
Double Meat Farmer’s Choice$11.70 – $17.801170 – 1780
Banana Berry Farmer$12.70 – $15.301270 – 1530
Rise & Shine$8.70 – $12.90870 – 1290
Homestead Farmer$9.30 – $11.90930 – 1190
The Whole Hog$18.00 – $20.001800 – 2000
The Everything Breakfast$11.301130
The Big Egg Breakfast$6.90 – $13.50690 – 1350
Country-Fried Steak & Farm-Fresh Eggs$13.10 – $15.101310 – 1510
Sirloin Steak & Farm-Fresh Eggs$11.60 – $13.601160 – 1360
Buttermilk Breakfast Sandwich$5.30 – $5.60530 – 560
Country Biscuit$6.90 – $9.00690 – 900
Blue Ribbon Bacon$3.90390
Sausage Gravy & Biscuits$7.70 – $21.00770 – 2100

Bob Evans Family Size Breakfast Menu

Food ItemPriceCalories
Family Size Hickory-Smoked Ham$16.19170
Family Size Hardwood-Smoked Bacon$16.19480
Family Size Sausage Patties$16.19320
Family Size Sausage Links$16.19440
Family Size Golden Brown Home Fries$16.19310
Family Size Shredded Hash Browns$16.19360
Family Size Sausage Gravy & Biscuits$16.19390
Brunch for a Bunch Bundle$89.192130
Rise & Shine Family Breakfast$44.59720
Homestead Family Breakfast$59.49860
Farmer’s Choice Family Breakfast$53.49900
Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich Bundle$44.59570

Bob Evans Light Breakfast Menu

Food ItemsPrice RangeCalories
Country Buscuit$6.90-$9.00690-900
Blue Ribbon Bacon$3.90390
Cinna Biscuits$7.00700
Butter milk Breakfast Sandwich$5.30-$5.60530-560
Rise & Shine$8.70-$12.90870-1290

Bob Evans Breakfast Sausage Menu

Menu ItemsSausageCalories
Sausage, Egg and Cheese BuscuitOrigianl490
Sausage, Egg and Cheese English MuffinOrigianl390
Sausage Patty & GravyOrigianl430
Farmed Buscuit Sandwich Platter (Reduced Fat)Reduced Fat1090
Farmed Buscuit Sandwich Platter Origianl1290
Sausage Gravy & BuscuitsOrigianl540

Bob Evans Breakfast Hours

Bob Evans Restaurants Breakfast Schedule:

WeekdaysOperating Hours
Monday7 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday7 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday7 AM – 9 PM
Thursday7 AM – 9 PM
Friday7 AM – 9 PM
Saturday7 AM – 9 PM
Sunday7 AM – 9 PM

Please note that these times can vary depending on the location. Additionally, some Bob Evans restaurants operate 24 hours a day and offer breakfast throughout. For the most accurate hours, it’s best to verify the schedule with your local Bob Evans restaurant.

Bob Evans Breakfast Prices

Below is a summary of the price ranges for their most popular breakfast menu categories:

Menu CategoryPrice Range
Eggs and Omelettes$6.49 – $9.99
Breakfast Combos and Platters$6.99 – $12.49
Pancakes and French Toast$5.99 – $8.49
Breakfast Meats$3.49 – $4.99
Breakfast Sides$1.99 – $3.49
Breakfast Sandwiches$5.49 – $7.49

Bob Evans offers affordable breakfast entrées ranging from $6-$10, with sides under $5 and beverages around $2-3. There are also special deals: the kids’ breakfast menu starts at $4.99, and seniors enjoy a 15% meal discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in a Bob Evans breakfast bowl?

A delightful mix of two eggs cooked your way, topped with diced tomatoes, avocado, and house-made cilantro lime cream sauce. Comes with fresh-cut fruit and your choice of freshly baked bread.

How many calories are in Bob Evans everything breakfast?

The Bob Evans Everything Breakfast contains 1130 calories. It’s important to note that daily calorie needs can vary, as the general guideline is 2,000 calories a day for nutrition advice.

What Is Bob Evans Famous For?

Bob Evans is renowned for its classic American comfort food, especially known for its creamy mashed potatoes, savory sausage, and hearty farmhouse-style breakfasts. These dishes embody the essence of traditional, homestyle cooking.

Is there a family Breakfast Menu?

Yes, Bob Evans features a family breakfast menu with options suitable for serving 2 to 8 people, ideal for group dining.

How many Bob Evans restaurants are there?

there are 439 Bob Evans restaurants across the United States.

Who owns Bob Evans restaurants?

Bob Evans Restaurants is owned by Golden Gate Capital, a private equity firm.

How long does Bob Evans serve breakfast?

Bob Evans is known for serving breakfast all day. You can enjoy their breakfast menu items at any time.


To sum it up, Bob Evans is the go-to place for a delightful, hearty breakfast experience. With a vast selection of mouth-watering options, there’s something to please everyone, and all at wallet-friendly prices. Yes, some dishes are calorie-rich, but handy nutritional info helps you choose wisely. It’s the perfect spot to kick off your day with a comforting meal, especially during their bustling breakfast hours from 7am to 11am every day.

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