Best Christmas Party Food Menu Ideas in 2022

Christmas Party Food Menu ideas

Appetizer: serving cheese platters or antipasto platters is an easy way to go because they’re delicious and straightforward. You can also try making crostini (mini bread slices). You can top it with anything from olives and tomatoes to spinach and mushrooms. If you want something awe-inspiring, make these ham and brie croquettes (a type of … Read more

Canadian Thanksgiving 2022- Canadian Thanksgiving Menu

Canadian Thanksgiving

Memorable Canadian Thanksgiving 2022: Thanksgiving day is an annual holiday in Canada celebrated on the second Monday of October. On this day, Canadians do, thanks to the past year’s fortunes and good harvest. However, Thanksgiving day is also called a harvest festival celebrated since 1957.  In this article, I’ll explain the history of the Canadian … Read more