Dunkin Donuts Menu Prices – Updated 2024

Dunkin’ Donuts, a beloved fast food chain known for its delicious donuts and coffee, offers a wide variety of menu items to satisfy your cravings. In 2024, Dunkin’ Donuts has updated its menu prices to ensure you can enjoy your favorite treats without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic donut, a hearty sandwich, or a refreshing drink, Dunkin’ Donuts has something for everyone at affordable prices. Let’s dive into the tasty world of Dunkin’ Donuts and discover what’s new on the menu this year!

Dunkin Donuts Menu Prices

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Dunkin Donuts Menu Prices

The Dunkin’ Donuts menu is packed with a variety of tasty items designed to start your day right and keep you energized. You’ll find a wide selection of drinks like espresso, coffee, and teas in different flavors and sizes. They also serve cold beverages like iced teas, Coolattas, and Dunkin’ Refreshers.

Dunkin Donuts Menu with Pictures

If you’re hungry, there are plenty of food options too, including classic and deluxe donuts, Munchkins, bagels, and a variety of breakfast sandwiches and wraps. Whether you want something sweet, savory, or refreshing, Dunkin’ Donuts has something to suit everyone’s taste

The Dunkin Donuts menu prices can vary by location, but they offer specials on certain items, so you’ll be able to find something affordable no matter where you go.

  • Dunkin Donuts Donuts Menu
  • Dunkin Donuts Sandwich Menu
  • Dunkin Donuts Snacks & Wraps
  • Dunkin Donuts Bagels & Muffins
  • Dunkin Donuts Coffee Menu

Dunkin Donuts Donuts Menu Prices

Menu ItemsSize/ TypePrice
Classic Donuts
Surprise MeSingle$1.69
Boston KremeSingle$1.69
Frosted ChocolateSingle$1.69
Chocolate KremeSingle$1.69
Double ChocolateSingle$1.69
Blueberry GlazedSingle$1.69
Chocolate GlazedSingle$1.69
Old FashionedSingle$1.69
Long John (Chocolate)Single$1.69
Cruller French styleSingle$1.69
Long John (Vanilla)Single$1.69
Frosted MapleSingle$1.69
Bavarian KremeSingle$1.69
Sprinkles-Frosted StrawberrySingle$1.69
Donuts: PumpkinSingle$1.69
Donut Hole Treats from Munchkins Single$0.99

Dunkin Donuts Sandwich Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsSize/ TypePrice
Cheese & Egg with SausageSingle$5.59
Cheese & Egg with BaconSingle$5.99
Cheese & Egg with Turkey SausageSingle$5.69
Cheese & EggSingle$4.99
Breakfast Sandwich made from SourdoughSingle$6.59
Bacon – WrapSingle$3.49
Sausage – WrapSingle$3.49
Turkey Sausage – WrapSingle$3.49

Dunkin Donuts Snacks & Wraps Menu

Menu ItemsSize/ TypePrice
Hash BrownsSingle$1.99
Bacon Snackin’Single$4.99
Bagel – Minis StuffedSingle$3.79

Dunkin Donuts Bagels & Muffins Menu Prices

Menu ItemsSize/ TypePrice
Cream Cheese With Spread BagelsSingle$4.29
English style MuffinSingle$1.59

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Menu Prices

Menu ItemsSize/ TypePrice
CoffeeS, M, L, XL$2.55, $2.89, $3.09, $3.29
Coffee with IceS, M, L$3.29, $3.49, $3.89
Coldly BrewS, M, L$3.79, $4.29, $4.59
AmericanoS, M, L$2.99, $3.29, $3.69
AmericanoS, M, L$3.69, $4.19, $4.49
LatteS, M, L$4.19, $4.69, $5.29
Latte with IceS, M, L$4.99, $5.49, $6.19
Signature Style LatteS, M, L$4.99, $5.54, $6.09
Signature Style Latte with IceS, M, L$5.59, $5.99, $6.49
MacchiatoS, M, L$4.99, $5,49, $5.99
Macchiato with IceS, M, L$5.59, $6.19, $6.69
CappuccinoS, M, L$4.19, $4.69, $5.29
Cappuccino with IceS, M, L$4.49, $5.49, $6.19
TeaS, M, L, XL$2.55, $2.89, $3.09, $3.29
Tea with IceS, M, L$3.10, $3.40, $3.60
RefreshersS, M, L$3.99, $4.64, $5.34
Hot ChocolateS, M, L, XL$2.99, $3.19, $3.29, $3.39
Matcha LatteS, M, L$4.09, $5.29, $5.59
Matcha Latte-with IceS, M, L$4.69, $5.49, $6.29
Latte with ChaiS, M, L$4.09, $4.69, $4.99
Latte with Chai & IceS, M, L$4.89, $5.89, $6.89
Coffee-FrozenS, M, L$4.69, $5.69, $6.69
CoolattaS, M, L$4.54, $5.44, $6.34
Frozen ChocolateS, M, L$4.69, $5.69, $6.69
Frozen Matcha LatteS, M, L$5.59, $6.39, $7.39

How Do I Order From Dunkin’ Donuts Online?

Craving Dunkin’ Donuts at home? It’s easy! Just visit their official website or use their app to order yummy food. You can also try popular delivery apps like Doordash, Grubhub, Seamless, and Postmates

  • Visit the restaurant’s website and order your food online, making it super easy and convenient!
  • Find the closest Dunkin’ Donuts near you! Just add your location to discover a tasty donut and coffee shop nearby.
  • After you enter the place, you will see the whole menu.
  • Choose the yummiest foods you love and put them in your cart to enjoy later!
  • Keep going and click on “Checkout” to make sure your online order is correct and complete.
  • When you click on checkout, the page will show you how to add your personal information.

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FAQs Regarding Dunkin Donuts Menu

How many Dunkin’ Donuts locations are there in the United States?

Dunkin’ Donuts has over 28,776 locations in the United States.

Is there a gluten-free menu at Dunkin’ Donuts?

No, they do not offer a gluten-free menu. If you’re only wanting to avoid gluten and get a period of fasting drink, all of their coffee and other beverages are definitely safe to drink.

Can you customize Dunkin Donuts?

When you purchase ahead of time from Dunkin Donuts, you have over 14,000 possibilities to customize your order.

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