Panda Express Catering Menu 2024

Panda Express offers a catering menu that’s great for any special event, like parties or meetings. They mix American styles with Chinese flavors to give you a lot of tasty options. You can choose from different dishes, including popular ones like Orange Chicken. They make it easy and affordable to feed everyone at your event.

Panda Express Catering

Panda Express Catering Prices 2024

Panda Express offers versatile catering services perfect for any occasion like weddings, meetings, or parties. Known for blending American fast food with exotic Chinese flavors, their affordable catering options are popular nationwide.

Panda Express Catering Menu 2022

They provide five customizable menus featuring favorites like Orange Chicken and Kung Pao Chicken, along with appetizers and salads. Each large menu also includes fortune cookies, adding a fun twist to your event’s dining experience. Discover their delightful dishes and make your event memorable with catering Panda Express.

Panda Express Party Trays Bundle

12-16 Person Expense

Select two sides from five choices and two entrees for $108, price may vary by location. Extra items cost more.

Sides FoodCaloriesServing Per Tray
Chow Mein51012-16 Persons
Fried Rice52012-16 Persons
White Steamed Rice38012-16 Persons
Super Greens9012-16 Persons
Brown Steamed Rice42012-16 Persons
Entries 12-16 Persons
Beyond Original Orange Chicken44012-16 Persons
The Original Orange Chicken49012-16 Persons
Black Pepper Angus Steak18012-16 Persons
Honey Walnut Shrimp36012-16 Persons
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken30012-16 Persons
Broccoli Beef15012-16 Persons
Kung Pao Chicken29012-16 Persons
Beijing Beef15012-16 Persons
Mushroom Chicken22012-16 Persons
SweetFire Chicken Breast38012-16 Persons
String Bean Chicken Breast19012-16 Persons
Black Pepper Chicken28012-16 Persons
Super Greens4512-16 Persons

18-22 Person Party Bundle Cost

This larger menu option suits events for 18-22 people, offering a choice of three party tray sides and three entrees for $154. Guests also get fortune cookies for a fun touch. Note: Food options and prices may vary by location.

Party Bundle For 26-30 Person Cost

For $194, location dependent, select four nutritious sides and entrees, offering a diverse menu with eight options to satisfy all guests, including the pickiest eaters.

Panda Express Party Size Side Menu

Menu ItemsCaloriePriceServing Per Tray
Chow Mein510$16      10-12
Fried Rice520$16      10-12
White Steamed Rice380$16      10-12
Super Greens90$16      10-12
Brown Steamed Rice420$16      10-12

Panda Express Party Size Entrees

Menu ItemsCaloriePriceServing Per Tray
Beyond Original Orange Chicken440$5612-14
The Original Orange Chicken490$4112-14
Black Pepper Angus Steak180$5612-14
Honey Walnut Shrimp360$5612-14
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken300$4112-14
Broccoli Beef150$4112-14
Kung Pao Chicken290$4112-14
Honey Sesame Chicken Breast490$4112-14
Beijing Beef150$4112-14
Mushroom Chicken220$4112-14
SweetFire Chicken Breast380$4112-14
String Bean Chicken Breast190$4112-14
Black Pepper Chicken280$4112-14
Super Greens45$1712-14

Panda Express Beverages Menu

Menu ItemsService SizePrices
Coca Cola20oz$2.70
Diet Coke16oz$2.70
Honest Tea Half Tea Half Lemonade20oz$3.00
Seagram’s Ginger Ale20oz$2.70
Sanzo Lychee12oz$3.00
Honest Kids Apple Juice12oz$1.20

How To Order From Panda Express Catering Menu?

Online Ordering:

  1. Visit Panda Express website.
  2. Click “Start Your Catering Order.” Log in or sign up if needed.
  3. Use Location Services to find and select your nearest restaurant.
  4. Choose the pickup date and time. It’s best to order a few days in advance.
  5. Select your menu items, considering entrees, appetizers, and extras. Use the nutrition calculator for guidance.
  6. At checkout, enter your contact and payment information. Apply any promo codes.
  7. Review and place your order.

Offline Ordering:

  • Find the nearest location on the website and visit in person to place your order.
Panda Express Catering Sides prices

Panda Express Catering Reviews

Panda Express Catering is an excellent option for those who want quality, authentic Chinese food without having to go out. However, is Panda Express Catering right for your event? Here’s what you need to know about Panda Express catering reviews. 

As the name suggests, Panda Express caters to events with its delicious and affordable Chinese cuisine. The restaurant chain has received mixed reviews regarding their catering service; some say it’s excellent, while others complain about poor quality and small portion sizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does panda express catering delivery?

Yes, Panda Express offers catering delivery services. However, availability may vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local Panda Express or their website to confirm delivery options for your area.

Does panda express do catering?

Yes, Panda Express provides catering services for various events and group sizes.

How much does panda express catering cost?

Panda Express catering prices for groups are approximately: $99 for 12-16 people, $139 for 18-22 people, and $179 for 26-30 people. Extra charges apply for specific entrees. Note: No delivery, pickup only.

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