Whataburger Menu Prices 2024

If you’re in the mood for delicious burgers, the Whataburger Menu prices, is your perfect guide to finding exactly what you’re craving.

The menu offers a diverse and tasty selection, ensuring there’s always something to match your current cravings.

whataburger menu prices 2022

While Whataburger is famous for its burgers, their menu also includes a variety of other items to quickly satisfy your hunger.

Also, the Whataburger menu at each location varies based on local tastes. Still, Whataburger has been expanding its menu by adding new burgers and regional favorites across the country. 

Whataburger restaurants are located in 10 states: Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas (where it originated), and Utah. 

Other Famous Menus with Prices

Whataburger Menu with Prices

With 11 distinct menus, Whataburger offers a range of options for a satisfying meal.

Known for their exceptional burgers, they feature 9 unique choices in their burger menu, along with 4 delightful options in their chicken menu. This variety ensures there’s always something new to try when hunger strikes.

Whataburger Menu with prices

Whataburger also considers its youngest customers, offering a kids’ menu tailored to little ones’ tastes. This menu includes 3 enticing options to keep the kids delighted.

Apart from burgers, Whataburger’s extensive menu includes sandwiches, sides, salads, and beverages, making it easy to find whatever you’re craving.

For breakfast lovers, there’s an exciting array of 18 different items to start your day off right, all at affordable prices.

So why wait? Explore the Whataburger Menu Price today and quickly order your favorite dish!

Whataburger Burgers Menu Prices with Calories

Whataburger Chili Cheese Burger

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Chili Cheese Burger Only1255$8.49
Jr. Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)706$7.99
Jr. Whatameal1476$7.99
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)1295$10.49

Whataburger Menu

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Whataburger only590$5.49
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)630$8.19

Double Meat Whataburger

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Double Meat Whataburger only835$6.79
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)876$9.49

Triple Meat Whataburger

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Triple Meat Whataburger only1076$8.19
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)1115$10.79

Jalapeno and Cheese Whataburger

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Jalapeno and Cheese Whataburger only680$6.19
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)1490$8.79

Bacon and Cheese Whataburger

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Bacon and Cheese Whataburger only750$6.59
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)790$9.19

Avocado Bacon Burger

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Avocado Bacon Burger only815$7.39
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)1655$9.99

Whataburger Jr.

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Whataburger Jr.310$3.19
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)345$5.89

Double Meat Whataburger Jr.

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Double Meat Whataburger Jr. Only420$3.99
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)455$6.79

Extra Items (with added price)

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
American Cheese90$0.55
Monterey Jack Cheese60$0.55
Popular Add-Ons
Bacon Slices25$0.50
Grilled Jalapenos10$0.65
Green Chiles40$0.65

Whataburger Patty Melt Calories & Price

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Whataburger Patty Melt Only950$7.19
Jr. Whatameal1450$8.19
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)990$9.89
Jr. Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)680$8.79

All-Time Favorites Burger Menu

Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich Only910$7.19
Jr. Whatameal1465$8.79
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)950$9.89
Jr. Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)695$8.79

Green Chile Double

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Green Chile Double Only990$7.19
Jr. Whatameal1355$8.59
Jr. Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)585$8.59
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)1030$9.89

Extra Items

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Popular Add-Ons
Bacon Slices25$0.50
Grilled Jalapenos10$0.65
Green Chiles40$0.65

Whataburger Chicken Sandwich Menu

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Whatachick’n Sandwich540$5.59
Whatachick’n Sandwich Whatameal1345$8.19
Whatachick’n Sandwich Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)576$8.19

Whataburger Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Only430$5.89
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)465$8.49

Whataburger Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Spicy Chicken Sandwich only465$5.69
Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)506$8.29

Whatachick’n Strips (3 Pcs)

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Whatachick’n Strips 3 piece550$5.49
Whatachick’n Strips Whatameal (3 Pcs)1470$7.99
Whatachick’n Strips Whatameal (3 Pcs) INCLUDE Sides (Lower Calorie)700$7.99
Popular Add-Ons
Extra Chicken Strip160$1.80

Whataburger Breakfast Menu Prices

To make the most of your breakfast experience at Whataburger, be sure to check whataburger breakfast hours prior to your visit.

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Egg & Cheese Biscuit425$2.39
Egg Sandwich 310$2.89
Biscuit Include Sausage520$2.19
Biscuit Include Bacon355$2.19
Hash Brown Sticks190$1.69
Cinnamon Roll580$2.79
Sausage Breakfast Bowl
Sausage Breakfast Bowl only940$5.59
Bacon Breakfast Bowl
Bacon Breakfast Bowl only776$5.59
Breakfast Burger
Breakfast Burger only670$5.19
Taquito with Cheese
Taquito with Cheese440$3.49
Breakfast on a Bun
Bun Whatameal (Breakfast)720$5.79
Breakfast on a Bun525$3.79
Biscuit Sandwich
Biscuit Sandwich only665$3.89
Pancake Platter
Pancake Platter only945$3.99
Breakfast Platter
Breakfast Platter only615$4.39
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit only560$2.99
Biscuit & Gravy
Biscuit and Gravy only470$2.89

Whataburger Catering Menu Group Ordering

(Includes Toppings & Signature Sauces)

Menu ItemsServesCaloriePrice
10 Whataburger Box106425$45.99
10 Whataburger Box (Double Meat)108876$59.99
Popular Add-Ons
Bacon Slices340$7.50
Grilled Jalapenos50$2.75
Grilled Onions85$2.75

Whataburger Lighter & Smaller Menu Prices

Menu ItemsCaloriesPrice
Whataburger Jr. include Bacon & Cheese400$4.69
Whataburger Jr. include Cheese (Double Meat)455$4.59
Whataburger Jr. (Double Meat)420$3.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich430$5.89
Garden Salad290$6.99
Cranberry and Apple Chicken Salad385$7.89
Breakfast on a Bun525$3.79
Grilled Cheese510$1.79
Cobb Salad540$8.99
Cinnamon Roll580$2.79
Taquito (No Cheese)390$3.29
Egg Sandwich310$2.49
Biscuit include Bacon355$2.19
Biscuit Sandwich Include Bacon470$3.89
Biscuit include Sausage520$2.19
Egg & Cheese Biscuit425$2.39
Hash Brown Sticks190$1.69

Whataburger Kids Menu Items

Menu ItemsCaloriesPrice
Kids Whatameal855$4.39
Kids Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)515$4.39
Whatachick’n Strips 2 Piece
Kids Whatameal950$4.99
Kids Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)610$4.99
Grilled Cheese
Kids Whatameal1070$3.99
Grilled Cheese Only510$1.79
Kids Whatameal Include Sides (Lower Calorie)730$3.99
Extra Cheese 
American Cheese45$0.50
Monterey Jack Cheese60$0.55
Popular Add-Ons
Bacon Slices45$1.00
Grilled Jalapenos10$0.65
Green Chiles40$0.65

Whataburger Fries (Sides Items)

Menu ItemsCaloriesPrice
Chili Cheese Fries630$4.49
Family Fry Box1500$10.99
Apple Slices30$1.69
Onion Rings Medium300$2.89
French Fries420$2.69
Medium French Fries420$2.69
Dipping Sauces
Honey Mustard200$0.40
Creamy Popper240$0.40
Buttermilk Ranch280$0.40
Whole Jalapeno0$0.65
Popular Desserts 
Hot apple pie270$1.49
Chocolate chip cookie330$1.49
Cinnamon roll580$2.79

Whataburger Salads Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Cobb Salad with choice of chicken540$8.99
Whatachick’n Filet240$8.99
Spicy Chicken Filet180$8.99
Grilled Chicken Filet130$8.99
No Chicken180$6.29
Cranberry and Apple Chicken Salad with choice of chicken385$7.89
Whatachick’n Filet240$7.89
Spicy Chicken Filet180$7.89
Grilled Chicken Filet130$7.89
No Chicken180$5.09
Garden Salad with choice of chicken290$6.99
Whatachick’n Filet240$6.99
Spicy Chicken Filet180$6.99
Grilled Chicken Filet130$6.99
No Chicken180$4.29
Popular Add-Ons
Grilled Chicken Filet130$2.70
Spicy Chicken Filet180$2.60
Whatachick’n Filet240$2.80
Grilled Jalapenos10$0.65
Green Chiles40$0.65

Whataburger Desserts & Snacks Menu

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Fruit Chews80$0.79
Hot Apple Pies270$1.49
Cinnamon Roll580$2.79
Tray of 6 Cinnamon Rolls3490$10.99

Whataburger Drinks Menu & Shakes Menu

Menu ItemsSizeCaloriePrice
White Chocolate Raspberry ShakeMedium560$3.49
White Chocolate Raspberry MaltMedium570$3.49
White Chocolate Raspberry ShakeSmall450$2.99
White Chocolate Raspberry MaltSmall460$2.99
Soft Drinks 390$2.49
Coca-Cola Classic390$2.49
Diet Coke0$2.49
Zero Sugar Lemonade (Minute Maid)15$2.49
Dr Pepper380$2.49
Powerade Fruit Punch220$2.49
Diet Dr Pepper0$2.49
Fanta Orange390$2.49
Barq’s Root Beer430$2.49
Coke Zero Sugar0$2.49
Sweet Tea440$2.49
Unsweet Tea10$2.49
1/2 Unsweet Tea & 1/2 Sweet Tea220$2.49
1/2 Unsweet Tea & 1/2 Lemonade10$2.49
1/2 Sweet Tea & 1/2 Lemonade230$2.49

How can I place an online order at Whataburger?

The Whataburger menu 2024 can be found on popular online food delivery platforms such as GrubHub and Doordash. However, I personally prefer using their official website to order their delectable and mouthwatering food.

To place an order:

  1. Visit their official website and click on “Order Online.”
  2. Choose the Whataburger location closest to you and click on “Start Ordering.”
  3. Explore their complete menu and select the items you wish to order.
  4. Provide your address and payment details, and soon enough, your food will be delivered right to your doorstep.

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FAQs About Whataburger Menu Prices

Is Whataburger more affordable than McDonald’s and Burger King?

Whataburger’s prices are quite affordable when compared to burger giants such as Burger King and McDonald’s.

Is there a secret menu at Whataburger?

Whataburger indeed offers a hidden menu featuring delectable options such as the bunless bacon and cheese Whataburger, Whataburger grilled cheese, The Hulk, honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich, the Triple-Triple, and various other undisclosed food items.

What is a Whataburger #5?

The #5 Bacon & Cheese Whataburger® includes: a 5-inch large bun, a 5-inch large beef patty, one slice of American cheese, three slices of bacon, regular servings of tomato, lettuce, pickles, diced onions, and a regular amount of mustard.

What is the most unhealthy food at Whataburger?

These are three of the worst things on the Whataburger menu:
Triple Meat Whataburger: 1076 calories
Chili Cheese Burger Only: 1255 cal
Kids Whatameal with grilled cheese: 1070

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