Goldbelly Christmas Dinner Menu with Prices 2023

Can you believe how quickly this year has flown by? With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to think about the festive dinner. If you’re hosting this year, say goodbye to the stress of meal prep and hello to the ease and delight of Goldbelly Christmas Dinner menu.

Goldbelly offers a fantastic selection of holiday favorites, perfect for your annual Christmas dinner or as a thoughtful and unique gift. Wondering about Goldbelly Christmas menu prices? Rest assured, you’ll find options to fit your budget without compromising on taste or quality.

Goldbelly Christmas Dinner Menu with Prices

Why choose Goldbelly for your holiday feast? Because they specialize in all the classic dishes we all love during the festive season. Make your Christmas extra special this year with Goldbelly’s Christmas Dinner choices!

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Goldbelly Christmas Dinner Menu

Get ready for a yummy Christmas with Goldbelly Christmas Dinner! Goldbelly brings amazing foods from all over America right to your home. This Christmas, they have a super cool menu. You can pick from tasty hams, turkeys, meatballs, and seafood. And for dessert? How about fruitcakes, cakes with fun decorations, biscuits, bagels, cheesecakes, and yummy pastries!

They’ve got cool meal kits too, like ones for baking, making ice cream, drinks, sandwiches, and even party kits. Plus, Goldbelly has special cookie gift packs that would be awesome presents for the holidays!

Goldbelly Christmas Holiday Dinner Menu

Wondering about something specific? No problem! You can choose foods from the area you like best, and even pick how much you want to spend. Goldbelly has lots of choices, like nut-free, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, and halal dishes.

The cakes are the stars at Christmas. Imagine a big, colorful 4-layer cake from Miami, or a classic cheesecake from New York! And there’s more: pastries, cookies, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and jams! There’s a ton of variety and everything is super tasty.

Goldbelly’s savory dishes are great too. Choose from ham, turkey, meatballs, smoked ribs, steak, mac and cheese, wellingtons, or crab – all perfect for Christmas. Add some sides from their holiday sides kit, and your Christmas dinner is ready!

Goldbelly makes it easy by choosing the best foods from top restaurants all over the country. They deliver these special treats right to you, no matter where you are in the United States. Check out the Goldbelly Christmas Dinner menu and Goldbelly menu prices, and even order Goldbelly Christmas Dinner to go!

Goldbelly Christmas Holiday Dinner Menu

Menu ItemsServing/SizePrice
Bucket of B’alls Family Pack – Classic Beef Meatballs$104.95
Peking Duck Dinner Kit4$159.95
Smoked Prime Rib Holiday Dinner4$269.95
The Original Butcher’s Feast4-6$289.95
Famous Southern Sides16$114.95
Maialino Al Forno6-8$154.95
Whole Peking Duck Kit4$149.95
Holiday Sides Sampler6-8$109.95
Signature Popovers12 Pack$69.95
Holiday Lamb Shank Feast4-6$349.95
Shepherd’s Pie + Chicken Pot Pie Combo$84.95
The Original Butcher’s Feast4$289.95
Lasagna Dinner Kit4$114.95
The Prestige Seafood Plateau6-8$299.95
Red Wine Braised Beef Short Ribs Kit2-4$279.95
GIANT Loaded Cheesy Garlic Bread Kit4 Pack$139.95
“Taste of L’Artusi” Pasta Kit12$149.95
Classic Rice Balls12 Pack$84.95
“Taste of Little Italy” Weekender Box$249.95
Mini Feast2-3$209.95
Double Lamb Chops$154.95
GIANT Wagyu Meatball & Garlic Bread 4-6$139.95
Morini Meatballs12 Pack$84.95
“Best of L’Artusi” Pasta Dinner + Olive Oil Cake8$159.95
Satay Miso Sea Bass Kit4-6$149.95
Bucket of B’alls Family Pack – Spicy Pork Meatballs$104.95
Bucket of B’alls Family Pack – Vegan Veggie Balls$104.95
Christmas Challah$89.95
Prime Rib Roast$369.95
All About the Filet4 Filets$179.95
Nom Wah Dumpling Best Seller$109.95
Feast of The Seven Steaks7$569.95
Crab Mac & Cheese4$79.95
Crab Mac & Cheese + Crab & Corn Chowder Combo4-6$104.95
Legendary Mutton Chops2 Pack$174.95
Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit8 Pack$89.95
Brisket Special2 Lbs.$94.95
The Prestige Seafood Plateau2-4$199.95
Crab Mac & Cheese8$114.95

Goldbelly Christmas Ham

Menu ItemsPrice
Cajun Honey Glazed Ham$149.95
Large Turducken + Ham$239.95
Small Turducken + Ham$229.95
Cajun Feast For 35 | Large Turducken + Large Turporken + Ham$359.95
Cajun Feast For 25| Small Turducken + Small Turporken + Ham$319.95
Boneless Pit Ham$124.95
Spiral-Cut Honey Glazed Ham$149.95
Whole Ham (6-8 lbs)$144.95
Texas BBQ Sampler – Brisket, Kreuz Sausage & Pit Ham$274.95
Spiral-Cut Honey Glazed Ham (7-8 lbs)$149.95

Goldbelly Christmas Dinner – Appetizers

Menu ItemsServing/SizePrice
Clam Stuffies12 Pack$79.95
Crab Swirls30$85.95
Sip & Dip – Maryland Crab Soup and Dip Combo$139.95
Lump Crab Dip$39.00
Classic Rice Balls12 Pack$84.95
Sicilian Rice Balls12 Pack$84.95
Pâté de Campagne4-6$104.95
Clam Cakes12 Pack$39.95
Jumbo Lump Crab Stuffed Black Tiger Shrimp$95.95
Baby Crab Bombs6 Oz$129.95
Gluten-Free Chive, Pork & Shrimp Dumplings23$79.95
Jumbo Lump Crab Imperial$89.95
Nom Wah Dumpling Best Seller$109.95
All Natural Shrimp Cakes6 Pack$95.95
Wild Caught Smoked Salmon Cakes6 Pack$99.95

Goldbelly Christmas Dinner – Side Dishes

Menu ItemsServing/SizePrice
Mac N’ Cheese Best Sellers
Regular4 Pack$109.95
Gluten Free4 Pack$120.95
Low Crab4 Pack$127.95
Famous Southern Sides16$114.95
Holiday Sides Sampler6-8$109.95
BBQ Sides4 Pack$89.95
BBQ Sides Combo Pack6$104.95
Sweet Potato Casserole$84.95
GIANT Loaded Cheesy Garlic Bread Kit2 Pack$99.95
Christmas Challah$89.95
Vegan Mac n’ Cheese 4 Pack
Gluten Free6-8$120.95
Low Crab6-8$127.95
GIANT Loaded Cheesy Garlic Bread Kit4 PACK$139.95

Goldbelly Christmas Dinner – Desserts

Menu ItemsServing/SizePrice
The Goldbelly Christmas Piecaken$99.95
Ina’s Coconut Cake$94.95
Special Edition Strawberry Christmas Cheesecake$82.95
Beatty’s Chocolate Cake$94.95
Mini Christmas Cake Jars$99.95
Holiday Cupcakes12 Pack$64.95
Christmas Rainbow Cookies20 Pack$56.00
Holiday Cheesecake Sandwich Sampler8 Pack$79.95
Zakarian Holiday Cookie Collection2 Dozen$59.95
Holiday Cookie Dough Taster Minis6 Pack$54.95
Christmas “Black And White” Cookies16 Pack$79.95
Gluten Free + Vegan Peppermint Crunch Holiday Cookie Gift Tin6$59.95
The First Noel Christmas Bonbons24 Pack$79.95
Outrageous Chocolate Brownies$69.95
Deluxe Rice Krispie Treats Christmas Gift Box$109.95
Christmas Cookie Tin20 Pack$64.95
Chocolate Panettone$74.95
Special Edition Strawberry Christmas Cheesecake$82.95
Holiday Frozen Custard + Handmade Ice Cream6 Pack$114.95
Candy Cane Cupcake Diy Baking Kit$59.95
Holiday Confetti Cupcake Dozen$95.95
Frosty Hot Cocoa Gift Box$104.95
World Famous Fruitcake (4.5 Lbs)$69.99
Czech Pecan Fruitcake Loaf (2 Lbs)$55.95
Peppermint Tres Leches Cake12-14$89.95
Pecan Fruit Cake Cookies$36.99
White Texas Trash Pie$39.00
Famous Texas Fruitcake (5 Lbs)$89.95
Holiday Ice Cream Pies$99.95
Holiday Pumpkin Pie + Pecan Pie 2 Pack$65.00
Famous Texas Fruitcake (3 Lbs)$69.95
Merry Berry Pie$89.95
Texas Shaped Fruitcake (5 Lbs)$89.95
Texas Shaped Fruitcake (10 Lbs)$149.95
Brooklyn Blackout Cake$84.95
Holiday Red Velvet Layer Cake$59.95
Brandied Fruitcake$49.95
Christmas Cake Jars $39.95
Vegan + Gluten Free Santa Claus Cake$115.95
Red Velvet Cake$94.95
Olive Oil Cake$84.95
Holiday Cookie Cake$79.95
Green Tea Mille Crepes Cake$108.00
Berry Napoleon Cake$109.95
Tiramisu Cheesecake$99.95
Festive Spirit Sampler Cheesecake 9’’$79.95

Goldbelly’s 2023 Serving Start and End Dates

  • The pre-order deadline for Christmas is Thursday, November 16, 2023.
  • For delivery by Christmas, the deadline is Tuesday, December 12, 2023.
  • Digital gifts, which include subscriptions, e-gifts, and e-gift cards, must be ordered by Wednesday, December 20, 2023.

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FAQs About Goldbelly Christmas Dinner

Is Goldbelly open on Christmas day 2023?

Goldbelly has not provided specific information about their operating hours on Christmas Day 2023. However, they have outlined deadlines for holiday orders, including corporate gifting for the 2023 holiday season.

What is Goldbelly Christmas Dinner Menu?

Goldbelly’s Christmas Dinner Menu typically features a selection of holiday-themed dishes, including traditional favorites and unique specialties from renowned chefs and restaurants across the country.

Can I schedule my delivery for a specific date?

Yes, while placing an order, you can choose a specific delivery date. It’s advisable to order in advance due to high demand during the holiday season.

Can I send a Goldbelly Christmas Dinner as a gift?

Absolutely, Goldbelly offers the option to send meals as gifts, complete with a personalized message.


Goldbelly Christmas Dinner makes the holiday meal easy and tasty. You can order different Christmas foods online and get them delivered to your house. It’s great for busy people or if you don’t like cooking. This way, you can still have a special meal with family and friends without much work.

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