Wegmans Christmas Dinner Menu & Prices 2023

Is your Christmas super busy? Wondering how to make a yummy Christmas dinner for your family when you have so much to do?

Great news! Wegmans is here to help. They’ve got an awesome new Christmas dinner just for you. Now, you can order a tasty and healthy Christmas meal from Wegmans.

Wegmans Christmas Menu Prices

You get to pick your favorite dishes and try lots of different yummy things. It’s easy and perfect for your busy holiday season. Check out Wegmans Christmas dinner catering for a hassle-free, delicious dinner!

Explore our Christmas dinner guides for a hassle-free holiday feast. Choose from Wegmans Christmas Dinner for traditional delights, Marie Callender’s Christmas Dinner for homestyle tastes, Fresh Market Christmas Dinner for gourmet options, Sprouts Christmas Dinner for healthful choices, or Albertsons Christmas Dinner for variety and convenience. Find your perfect holiday meal in these articles.

Wegmans Christmas Menu Prices

Celebrate the holidays with Wegmans Christmas dinner! Wegmans makes it easy with their amazing menu, perfect for all tastes. You can pick from a variety of main dishes like tasty Turkey, Garlic Studded Rib Roast, elegant Tenderloin Roast, classic Rib Roast, wegmans prime rib roast, wegmans turkey wings or hearty Sirloin Roast. These dishes are sure to wow your guests!

Wegmans also offers yummy side dishes, like their famous Grab & Go sides and delicious bread. For starters, check out their Gold Pan Appetizers, Sushi & Shrimp, and Cheese & Chips. And don’t forget desserts! Choose from traditional Cutout Cookies and other sweet treats.

Add Wegmans Cocktails & Beverages to your meal for a festive touch. Their Cranberry Harvest Recipe, Premium Mixers, and Sparkling drinks are perfect for holiday toasts. Make your Christmas dinner special with wegmans christmas dinner catering!

Wegmans Holiday Dinners Menu

Wegmans pre cooked Christmas dinner and Wegmans turkey dinner to go options make holiday prep convenient and stress-free, allowing you more time to enjoy with loved ones. Wegmans Christmas dinners are known for their reasonable prices and excellent quality.

Don’t forget, you can also benefit from special discounts on your festive purchases by using the Wegmans mobile app, especially during the Christmas season.

Choose Wegmans Christmas dinner catering for a hassle-free, delightful holiday meal that will leave your guests raving!

Wegmans Holiday Dinners Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Turkey (6)$185.00 
Turkey (12)$325.00 
Hand Carved Turkey 
Green Beans  
Herb Stuffing  
Potatoes (Whipped) 
Homestyle Gravy 
Craisins and Spinach  
Classic Turkey (10)$175.00 
Potatoes (Whipped) 
Green Bean 
Mashed Potatoes   
wegmans Signature Ham (10-12)$185.00 
Glazed Ham 
Gratin Potatoes  

Wegmans Christmas Menu Prices

(Only Limited Time) 

Menu ItemsPrice
Turkey Meal (Individual Packaged)$16.00
Juicy Turkey (Roasted)
Herb Stuffing
Butternut Squash
Signature Potatoes (Whipped)
Baby Spinach And Cranberries
Homestyle Gravy
Pumpkin Roll Slice (Two Pack)$5.00
Pumpkin Pie ((7 Oz) Mini) for 2$6.00

Wegmans Weekday Favorites Menu

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Kung Pao Tofu Include Szechuan Sauce660$12.00
Peruvian Chicken Include Green Sauce 600$12.00
Lemon Garlic Chicken Include Szechuan Sauce 500$12.00
Cilantro Lime Chicken Include Salsa Verde550$12.00
Sushi Roll (Crunchy) Family Pack 30 Pcs30-60$29.00
Create Own One Topping Pizza Large$16.00
Rigatoni Bolognese670$12.00
Sweet And Spicy Shrimp Poke (Bowl)550$12.99
Brown Rice Macaroni And Cheese (Gluten Free)450$11.00
Brown Rice Penne Include Meatballs (Gluten Free)510$12.00

Wegmans Sandwiches, Salads And Soup Prices

Menu ItemsSizeCaloriePrice
Roast Beef On Kimmelweck440$11.00
Holiday Turkey (Sandwich)Whole490$12.50
Holiday Turkey (Sandwich)Half350$7.00
Large Vegan Salad Include Tofu620$12.00
Danny’s FavoriteSmall410$4.99
Danny’s FavoriteMedium820$7.99
Danny’s FavoriteLarge1630$13.99
Tomato Soup (Omg!)8 Oz (Small)130$5.99
Tomato Soup (Omg!)16 Oz (Medium)130$7.99
Tomato Soup (Omg!)32 Oz (Large)130$13.99
Wedding Soup Include Meatballs (Italian Style)8 Oz (Small)130$5.99
Wedding Soup Include Meatballs (Italian Style)16 Oz (Medium)130$7.99
Wedding Soup Include Meatballs (Italian Style)32 Oz (Large)130$13.99
Garlic Tuscan (Roll)150$1.25

How to order Wegmans Christmas Dinner Menu?

Here’s step by step guide for Wegmans Christmas Dinner ordering;

  1. Menu Selection and Availability: Check the holiday menu and availability on the Meals 2GO App or at meals2GO.com
  2. Ordering Process: Order via the Meals 2GO App or website, selecting carryout, curbside, or delivery
  3. Order Deadline: Order at least 24 hours in advance, with the last ordering day for 12/24 pickup being 12/22 at 4pm.
  4. Pickup and Reheating Instructions: Catering entrees and side dishes are provided cold and require heating before serving. Reheating instructions can be found on the Meals 2GO website and will also be included on the label​​​​.
  5. Carryout and Delivery Options: Complete holiday dinners are available for carryout only, while select items might be available for delivery. The availability of delivery varies by location and item​​​​.
  6. Payment and Cancellation Policy: Pay in advance using a credit card, Wegmans charge card, or gift cards. Cancel up to 24 hours before pickup/delivery; later cancellations may incur charges​
  7. Additional Considerations: Remember to specify if you need serving utensils at pickup and order any additional utensils, like forks and knives, separately​​. Also, tipping for delivery orders is optional but appreciated, with 100% of the tip going to the driver​​.

Is Wegmans Open on Christmas Day 2023?

Wegmans will be closed on Christmas Day, December 25, 2023. This is in line with their holiday schedule for the year​.

Wegmans is open on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2023, but it will close earlier than its regular hours. Typically, Wegmans stores operate from 6 AM to 12 AM, but on Christmas Eve, they will close at 6 PM.

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Wegmans Christmas dinner is a great choice for a tasty and easy holiday meal. With the best Wegmans appetizers to start, and simple Wegmans turkey cooking instructions, you can enjoy a delicious feast without any stress. Plus, their Christmas dinner deals make it an affordable option for everyone. Celebrate this festive season with Wegmans and create wonderful memories with your loved ones!

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