Sprouts Christmas Dinner Prices 2023

Get Ready for a Yummy Sprouts Christmas Dinner! Starting December 6th, you can order your holiday feast from Sprouts. They have everything you need for a perfect Christmas dinner, including tasty Brussels sprouts!

Sprouts Christmas Dinner

Sprouts makes holiday meals super easy. They have great prices on lots of ingredients and even offer fully-cooked meals. This means you get to spend more time having fun with your family and friends during Christmas!

Sprouts Christmas Menu 2023

Celebrate the festive season with Sprouts’ delicious Christmas dinner options, perfect for your holiday feast! Sprouts proudly offers a range of Christmas dinner Brussels sprouts and other delectable dishes, ensuring your Christmas meal ideas are covered.

The menu for online orders includes a variety of choices, such as party trays to enhance the holiday mood, ham & roasts, turkeys, and fully prepped Christmas meals. Their Sprouts Christmas dinner stars include:

  1. Fresh Turkeys: Choose from 10 or 16 pounds all-natural turkeys, or a 10 pounds organic turkey, all 100% natural without artificial ingredients.
  2. Ham & Roasts: The spiral-sliced 10lb ham is perfect for an appetizer board. They also offer an uncured, half-sliced ham and a mouth-watering beef rib roast for a memorable entrée.
  3. Party Trays: Impress your guests with cheese & fruit trays, wraps, mini sandwiches, shrimp, and bakery items.
  4. Vegetable Trays: Pair your main dishes with vegetable trays, Mediterranean boards, or condiment assortments.
  5. Desserts: Enjoy cookies, muffins, breakfast, and picnic trays for a sweet end to your meal.
Sprouts Christmas Menu prices

Looking for the perfect Christmas dinner? Check out our article on Sprouts Christmas Dinner for tasty holiday ideas. Also, explore similar festive feasts in our articles on Vons Dinner, Shoprite Christmas Dinner, Safeway Christmas menu, and Walmart Christmas Dinners. Each offers unique and delicious options to make your holiday meal special!

Sprouts Christmas dinner also includes fully-cooked meals, ready to order, pick up, and serve. You can choose from the classic, natural turkey, the roasted turkey breast, or the juicy beef rib. Spiral-sliced ham and vegan roast might also be available.

Each meal comes with different sides and a dozen of French brioche rolls. Enjoy a roasted turkey with cranberry sauce, gravy, and sides like mashed potatoes or stuffing, perfect for 2-3 people. The beef rib option includes both scalloped and mashed potatoes, cauliflower, and creamed spinach. And the full turkey meal, suitable for 6-8 guests, comes with stuffing, mashed potatoes, kale, spinach, gravy, and berries sauce.

Sprouts stands out for its incredible taste and variety, offering a range of Brussel sprout recipes for Christmas dinner and other delightful dishes. Make your Christmas meal ideas come to life with Sprouts’ fantastic selection!

Sprouts Christmas Holiday Meals Menu

Menu ItemsServePrice
Roasted Turkey Breast 2-3$43.99
Natural Turkey 6-8$85.99
Spiral-Sliced Ham6-8$85.99 / ea
Vegan Roast4-6$47.99 / ea
USDA cut  Boneless Beef Rib Roast6-8$95.99/ ea

Sprouts Turkeys Menu

The Butcher Shop Fresh Turkey (No Antibiotics Ever)

Menu ItemsServePrice
All Natural (10 lbs.)12-14$22.90/ lb
Organic (10 lbs.)10-12$39.90/ lb
All Natural (16 lbs.)16$36.64/ ea

Sprouts Christmas Hams & Roasts

Menu ItemsWeight Price
Beef Standing Rib Roast 8lb$79.92 / ea
Spiral-sliced Ham 10lb$29.90 / ea
Uncured 1/2 Spiral-sliced Ham 8lb$31.92 / ea
Beef Standing Rib Roast 6lb$59.94 / ea

Sprouts Christmas Party Trays

Menu ItemsServePrice
Fresh Vegetable12-16$29.99 / ea
Fresh Fruit 12-16$29.99 / ea
Petite Sandwich12-16$39.99 / ea
Mediterranean12-16$34.99 / ea
Fruit and Cheese12-16$39.99 / ea
Signature Cheese12-16$49.99 / ea
All Wrapped Up Sandwich12-16$49.99 / ea
Antipasto12-16$44.99 / ea
Bakery Dessert Picnic12-16$34.99 / ea
Bakery Cookie12-16$25.99 / ea
Condiment12-16$19.99 / ea
Bakery Continental Breakfast12-16$25.99 / ea
Large Cooked Shrimp Platter12-16$49.99 / ea
Small Cooked Shrimp Platter4-5$19.99 / ea
Bakery Muffin12-16$25.99 / ea

Sprouts Christmas Dinner – Start and End Dates Revealed!

The serving start date for Sprouts Christmas Dinner in 2023 is December 6th​. The closing date for pre-orders is December 21st​. This schedule provides ample time for customers to place their orders for a festive and delicious holiday meal.

How to order Sprouts Christmas Menu?

  1. Visit the Sprouts website.
  2. Pre-order your holiday items online. The pre-order period is open from December 6 through December 21, ending at noon MST.
  3. Choose either in-store pickup or opt for delivery or curbside pickup. Note that availability may vary, and not all items may be available for delivery or curbside pickup​.

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FAQs About Sprouts Christmas Menu

What options are available in Sprouts Christmas Menu?

Sprouts offers a variety of options including fresh turkeys, ham & roasts, party trays, and fully prepped Christmas meals. They have natural and organic turkeys, spiral-sliced ham, beef rib roast, and a selection of party trays.

How do I order from Sprouts Christmas Menu?

Orders can be placed online on the Sprouts website from December 6 to December 21, for in-store pickup or delivery/curbside pickup.

What sides are included with the Christmas meals?

Sides vary depending on the meal option but can include mashed potatoes, stuffing, cauliflower, creamed spinach, and more.

Are there dessert options available?

Yes, Sprouts offers a range of desserts including cookies, muffins, and various trays.

Can I order party trays for my Christmas gathering?

Absolutely, Sprouts offers a variety of party trays including cheese & fruit, wraps, mini sandwiches, and shrimp.


In conclusion, Sprouts Christmas Dinner to Go offers a convenient and delightful solution for your holiday feast. With this option, you get to enjoy the festive flavors without the hassle of cooking. Sprouts catering handles everything, making sure you have a delicious meal ready for your family and friends.

Additionally, Sprouts menu prices are reasonable, ensuring you get great value for your money. This service takes away the stress of holiday cooking, allowing you to spend more time celebrating with loved ones. Choosing Sprouts for your Christmas dinner is an excellent way to enjoy a tasty, stress-free holiday meal.

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