Vons Christmas Dinner Menu with Prices 2023

Organizing a big occasion but feeling overburdened by the food prep? With their delicious Vons Christmas Dinner and holiday dinners, let Vons relieve your stress. Christmas should be a time of joy and family, not stressing about shopping for and preparing meals. Vons provides a hassle-free way to make your holiday season unforgettable with their pre-cooked meals.

Vons Christmas Dinner Menu

Select from an array of delectable selections and relish more moments spent with your dear ones this Christmas. Get your Ralphs Christmas dinner from Vons now to experience the splendor of the season.

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Vons Christmas Menu 2023

Get Vons Christmas Dinner ready for a joyous feast! For a stress-free and memorable Christmas party, Vons holiday dinners are ideal. Vons offers a broad range of 23 menu options, so in addition to taking care of your food needs, they also deliver other necessities like cakes and flowers. To ensure you have a stress-free Christmas, simply place your order in advance.

Are you going to get a Vons precooked holiday meal? Remember that preheating usually takes two to three hours. Vons has a wide selection of Christmas treats, such as party trays, chicken, ribs, cookies, cakes, and more.

Vons Christmas Menu

For those ordering from Vons for the first time, there’s a special deal. Use the code SAVE30 and save $30 on your new holiday treats. This makes your Vons experience even more enjoyable and budget-friendly.

One of the highlights of Vons holiday dinner to go is their budget-friendly dinner options. Choose meals that suit your nutritional preferences without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for something delicious for your Christmas party, Vons has several options, including the standout spiral ham dinner. This fully cooked, delicious spiral ham comes with sides and can easily serve 8-10 people.

Additionally, enhance your event with Vons party trays like croissant sandwich trays, making your celebration lively and memorable. With various options for Ralphs Christmas dinner and more, Vons is your go-to for a delightful and convenient holiday meal experience.

Vons Christmas Holiday Meals Menu

Menu ItemsServesPrice
Classic Turkey Dinner6-8$74.99
Prime Rib Dinner5-6$99.99
Spiral Ham Dinner8-10$74.99

Vons Party Trays

Menu ItemsServesPrice
Vegetable & Dip 20-25$34.99
Croissant Sandwich 12-16$44.99
Fresh Fruit $39.99
Italian Sampler15-20$74.99
Hoagie Sandwich18-24$49.99

Vons Fruit And Veggie Trays Menu

Menu ItemsSizePrice
Red Round & Rectangle Vegetable Tray
Red Round38 Oz$10.99
Red Round72 Oz$14.99
Red Round & Rectangle Fruit Tray
Red Round78 Oz$16.99
Red Rectangle104 Oz$21.99
Fruit & Cheese Tray16″$69.99

Vons Sub Sandwiches Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Italian Party Sub 3 Foot$49.99
All American Party Sub 3 Foot$49.99

Vons Sandwich & Wrap Platters Menu Prices

Menu ItemsServesPrice
Finger Sandwich Tray
16″ Square12-16$39.99
18″ Square18-24$49.99
Pretzel Roll Slider Tray
16″ Square25-27$49.99
18″ Square40-45$64.99
Hye Roller/Pinwheel Tray
16″ Square12-16$39.99
18″ Square16-18$49.99

Vons Meat & Cheese Platters Menu & Servings

Menu ItemsServesPrice
Meat & Cheese Nibbler
12″ Round12-16$39.99
18″ Round28-32$69.99
Italian Tray15-20$79.99
Classic Meat & Cheese Tray
18″ Round18-22$69.99
16″ Round12-15$59.99
12″ Round10-12$39.99

Vons Chicken Menu Prices

Menu ItemsServes/ SizePrice
Rotisserie Chicken32 Oz$8.99
8 Piece Chicken2 Breasts, 2 Legs, 2 Wings & 2 Thighs$9.99
Fried Chicken Tenders$9.99
Fried Chicken Party Packs
50 Pieces$59.99
100 Pieces$109.99
150 Pieces$149.99
250 Pieces$229.99
300 Pieces$259.99
500 Pieces$399.99

Vons Ribs Price

Menu ItemsServesPrice
BBQ Pork Ribs (1.25 Pounds)3-4$13.99

Vons Rotisserie Menu Price

Menu ItemsServesPrice
Rotisserie Chicken30 Oz.$8.99

Vons Seafood Platters

Menu ItemsServesPrice
Cooked Shrimp Tray (12″)12-14$24.99

Vons Sandwiches Menu Prices

Menu ItemsServesPrice
Condiment Tray12-16$29.99
Croissant Sandwich Tray
16″ Square12-16$44.99
18″ Square16-24$54.99
Hoagie Sandwich Tray18-24$49.99
Finger Sandwich Tray
16″ Square12-16$39.99
18″ Square18-24$49.99

Vons Snack Square Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Spinach & Boule Tray$14.99
Pretzel Slider Tray$19.99
Vegetable & Hummus$14.99
Fruit & Cheese Tray$19.99
Snack Tray Croissant Sandwich$19.99
Hot Wings Tray$19.99
Pinwheel/Hye Roller Tray$19.99

Vons Appetizers Menu Prices

Menu ItemsServesPrice
Snack Square Spinach & Boule Tray$14.99
Snack Square Club Sandwich Tray$19.99
Vegetable & Hummus Snack Square$14.99
Finger Sandwich Tray
16″ Square12-16$39.99
18″ Square18-24$49.99
Meat & Cheese Nibbler
12″ Round12-16$39.99
18″ Round28-32$69.99
Italian Sampler Tray15-20$74.99
Fruit & Cheese Tray (16″)24 – 30$69.99
Hye Roller/Pinwheel Tray
16″ Square12-16$39.99
18″ Square16-18$49.99

Vons Salad Menu

Menu ItemsServesPrice
Fresh Salads
Spinach Berry & Feta24-38 Oz$7.99
Chicken Caesar24-38 Oz$7.99
Garden24-38 Oz$7.99

Vons Sides Serving & Price

Menu ItemsServesPrice
Fresh Pico De Gallo10 Oz.$3.99
Fresh Authentic Salsa14 Oz.$5
Deli Fresh Tortilla Chips$4.29
Fresh Guacamole (Spicy/Regular)$6.99
Fresh Made 7 Layer Bean Dip28 Oz.$6.99

Is Vons open on Christmas day 2023?

Vons stores are generally closed on Christmas Day. This is consistent with their holiday hours for major holidays such as Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

The Vons Christmas dinner menu is available from the start of the holiday season and continues through December 31st. This means you can enjoy their festive meals throughout the entire holiday period, including Christmas Day, although the stores themselves are closed on Christmas Day.

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FAQs About Vons Christmas Dinner

What are the main options available for Vons Christmas Dinner?

Vons offers a variety of Christmas holiday meals, including a Classic Turkey Dinner serving 6-8 people for $74.99, a Prime Rib Dinner for 5-6 people at $99.99, and a Spiral Ham Dinner for 8-10 people priced at $74.99.

When is the closing date for the Vons Christmas Menu in 2023?

The Vons Christmas Menu is available ongoing until December 31, 2023.

How can one order the Vons Christmas Dinner?

You can order from Vons through their official website, selecting your preferred location and the food items you want. Delivery options are available for a hassle-free experience. Additionally, you can order via delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash, choosing your location and items through the app.

Final Words

Vons Christmas catering offers delicious and hassle-free holiday meals. Vons Christmas dinner to go is available for takeout, offering a variety of delicious alternatives at competitive Vons menu prices. Furthermore useful are Vons Christmas hours, which allow you to eat when it’s most convenient for you. This makes a delicious and simple Christmas dinner.

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