Wingstop Menu Prices – Updated 2024

Looking into Wingstop’s menu prices? Here’s a simple guide! Wingstop is famous for its delicious wings and offers a great variety of flavors to choose from. Whether you like your wings spicy, sweet, or somewhere in between, they have options for everyone.

Wingstop deals

Plus, they offer more than just wings – including tenders, sides, and desserts. This guide will help you understand their prices and what you can expect when you decide to order from them.

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Wingstop Menu with Prices

Wingstop offers a wide selection of 12 wing flavors. Choosing your favorite can be tough, but we’re here to help!

  • Spice Level: You can choose how spicy you want your wings.
  • Type: Pick between bone-in or boneless wings, and decide if you want them with sauce (wet) or just seasoned (dry).

Popular Flavors: Some top picks include Lemon Pepper, Original Hot, and Hickory Smoke BBQ.

More Than Wings: They also have tenders, sides, chicken sandwiches, drinks, and brownies.

Wingstop menu prices

Wingstop Menu Prices & Calories 2024

  • Wingstop Flavors
  • Wing Combos
  • Wing Sides & Dips
  • Wings By The Pieces
  • Group Packs
  • Tender Combos
  • Wingstop Chicken Sandwich
  • Wingstop Specials Menu
  • Sides
  • Drinks & Desserts

Wingstop Flavors

Do you love those tasty wings that come from Wingstop? Well, we do too. We’ve found the best flavors and ranked them for your reading pleasure. The best Wingstop flavor is the garlic parmesan with a side of ranch dressing- it’s finger-lickin’ good! 

Wingstop Flavors
Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
Mango Habanero-Side of Flavor155$1.29
Atomic-Side of Flavor5$1.29
Original Hot-Side of Flavor5$1.29
Cajun-Side of Flavor5$1.29
Louisiana Rub-Side of Flavor175$1.29
Spicy Korean Q-Side of Flavor85$1.29
Hickory Smoked BBQ-Side of Flavor80$1.29
Mild-Side of Flavor185$1.29
Garlic Parmesan-Side of Flavor240$1.29
Lemon Pepper-Side of Flavor165 $1.29
Hawaiian-Side of Flavor80$1.29

Wingstop Wing Combos Menu Prices

Menu ItemCaloriePrice
Boneless Wing Combo-(S, 6pc)797-1720$10.99
Classic Wing Combo-(S, 6pc)737-1660$11.69
Mix and Match Wing Combo-(S, 6pc)737-1720$11.69
Boneless Wing Combo-(M, 8pc)957 – 1940$12.99
Classic Wing Combo-(M, 8pc)877 – 1860$13.69
Mix and Match Wing Combo-(M, 8pc)877 – 1940$13.69
Boneless Wing Combo-(L, 10pc)1117 – 2160$14.99
Classic Wing Combo-(L, 10pc)1017 – 2060$15.69
Mix and Match Wing Combo-(L, 10pc)1017 – 2160$15.69

Wingstop Menu Sides & Dips Prices

Menu ItemCaloriePrice
Dips Regular Bleu Cheese310$1.29
Dips Regular Ranch310$1.29
Dips of Regular Honey Mustard360$1.29
Dips Large Bleu Cheese1550$4.99
Dips Large Ranch1550$4.99
Dips Large Honey Mustard1770 $4.99
Regular Cheese Sauce240$2.79
Small Cheese Sauce130$1.49
Large Cheese Sauce640$4.59

Wings Group Packs

Menu ItemServesCaloriePrice
Boneless Meal For Two-15pc1829 – 3710$22.69
Classic Meal For Two-15pc1679 – 3560$24.29
Mix and Match Meal For Two-15pc1679 – 3710$24.29
Boneless Family Pack-24pc3-42866 – 4518$33.29
Classic Family Pack-24pc3-42626 – 4278$35.29
Mix and Match Family Pack-24pc3-42626 – 4518$35.29
Boneless Crew Pack-30pc4-53346 – 5178 $39.59
Classic Crew Pack-30pc4-53046 – 4878$43.49
Mix and Match Crew Pack-30pc4-53046 – 5178$43.49
Boneless Group Pack-40pc5-64463 – 6662$51.39
Classic Group Pack-40pc5-64063 – 6262$57.49
Mix and Match Group Pack-40pc5-64063 – 6662$57.49
Boneless Party Pack-50pc6-95268 – 8522$66.39
Classic Party Pack-50pc6-94768 – 8022$70.39
Mix and Match Party Pack-50pc6-94768 – 8522$70.39
Boneless Pack-75pc9-137902 – 12864 $98.39
Classic Pack-75pc9-137152 – 12114$104.99
Mix and Match Pack-75pc9-137152 – 12864 $104.99
Boneless Pack-100pc13+10536 – 17152$132.59
Classic Pack-100pc13+9536 – 16152 $134.79
Mix and Match Pack-100pc13+9536 – 17152$134.79

Wingstop Menu Wings By The Pieces Prices

Menu ItemCaloriePrice
Boneless Wings-10pc800 – 1100$11.99
Classic Wings-10pc700 – 1000 $12.99
Mix and Match Wings-10pc700 – 1100$12.99
Boneless Wings-15pc1200 – 1650$17.99
Classic Wings-15pc1050 – 1500$19.39
Mix and Match Wings-15pc1050 – 1650$19.39
Boneless Wings-20pc1600 – 2200$22.99
Classic Wings-20pc1400 – 2000 $25.66
Mix and Match Wings-20pc1400 – 2200$25.66
Boneless Wings-30pc2400 – 3300 $35.29
Classic Wings-30pc2100 – 3000 $38.29
Mix and Match Wings-230pc2100 – 3300$38.29
Boneless Wings-50pc4000 – 5500$58.99
Classic Wings-50pc3500 – 5000$63.09
Mix and Match Wings-50pc3500 – 5500$63.09
Boneless Wings-75pc6000 – 8250$83.99
Classic Wings-75pc5250 – 7500 $90.89
Mix and Match Wings-75pc5250 – 8250$90.89
Boneless Wings-100pc8000 – 11000$110.99
Classic Wings-100pc7000 – 10000$120.89
Mix and Match Wings-100pc7000 – 11000$120.89

Wingstop Tenders Menu Prices

Menu ItemCaloriePrice
Crispy Tender Combo-(S, 3pc)410 – 1375 $9.59
Crispy Tender Combo-(L, 5pc)625 – 1595$11.99
Crispy Tender And Meal For 2-8pc1035 – 2915$19.99
Crispy Tenders-4pc (Customizable)490 – 800$7.99
Crispy Tenders-7pc (Customizable)870 – 1490 $12.79
Crispy Tenders-15pc1800 – 2730$22.99
Crispy Tenders-20pc2400 – 3640$30.99
Crispy Tenders-30pc3500 – 4740$41.69

Wingstop Chicken Sandwich Prices

Menu ItemCaloriePrice
Combo Chicken Sandwich-New!948-2074$7.99
Chicken Sandwich-New!938-1279$5.49

Wingstop Specials Menu

Menu ItemServesPrice
All-In Bundle3-4$22.99
Boneless Meal Deal3-4$16.99

Wingstop Sides Menu Prices & Calories

Menu ItemCaloriePrice
Large Seasoned Fries710$4.99
Regular Seasoned Fries390 $2.99
Large Cheese Fries890$5.99
Regular Cheese Fries500 $3.99
Large Louisiana Voodoo Fries940$5.99
Regular Louisiana Voodoo Fries540$4.99
Large Buffalo Ranch Fries800 $5.99
Regular Buffalo Ranch Fries450$4.99
Large Cajun Fried Corn-10pc600$5.99
Regular Cajun Fried Corn-5pc300$3.99
Only Carrots – Veggie Sticks17$1.99
Veggie Sticks25 $1.99
Only Celery – Veggie Sticks$1.99

Wingstop Drinks Desserts Menu Prices & Calories

Menu ItemSizeCaloriePrice
Water Bottled-Dasani16.9 Oz$2.29+
Soft Drinks20 Oz2 – 285$2.49
Soft Drinks32 Oz4 – 455$2.99
Simply Lemonade52 Oz840$4.99
Triple – Chocolate Chunk Brownie430$2.49

How To Order From Wingstop?

Wingstop is open daily from 10:45 AM to midnight. For orders, choose from their range of meals, sides, and desserts. You can pick up your order or have it delivered. Use their app or website, select your items, and enter your delivery details if needed.

The menu is tree nut- and peanut-free. Finalize your order by choosing flavors, dips, and spice levels, then place your order. Enjoy your meal once it’s ready for pickup or delivery.

Wingstop Hours Of Operation

For those who love wings, it can be difficult to find a place that is open after 10 pm. Luckily, we have a list of Wingstop hours for you to refer to so that your late-night cravings are satisfied! 

Wingstop hours are subject to change, but most stores open at 10:45 am and close at 12:00 am  Mon-Sun.

Wingstop Customer Services

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FAQs Regarding Wingstop Menu Prices

Is 10 wings enough at Wingstop?

For those feeling hungry, the recommended serving size is eight wings (either classic or boneless) or four tenders. For those who are very hungry, a serving size of 10 wings (classic or boneless) or five tenders is advised.

Does Boneless Wings and Bone-in Wings Taste Different?

Yes, boneless and bone-in wings taste different. Bone-in wings have a richer flavor and tend to be juicier due to cooking on the bone. Boneless wings, which are breaded chicken breast pieces, usually have a texture and flavor more influenced by their breading and seasoning.

Does Wingstop Allow Tips?

Yes, Wingstop allows tipping. Customers can choose to leave a tip for their service when ordering in-store, picking up an order, or when receiving a delivery.

Are Winsgtop Wings Frozen?

According to what they say, Wingstop makes their wings fresh all the time. They don’t freeze them. They even cut and prepare their fries fresh too.

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