KFC Menu Prices – Updated 2024

KFC is changing its menu prices in 2024. KFC menu prices include the famous bucket, chicken, and fries combo. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

KFC menu prices 2024

It became known for KFC fried chicken recipes passed down from generation to generation. In 1930 it started franchising, and today there are more than 5000 KFCs worldwide with more opening every day. 

KFC Menu with Prices

KFC is celebrated for its unique blend of 11 herbs and spices, offering an extensive range of food items ideal for both casual dining and quick snacks. The restaurant also presents special Football meal deals for groups of 4 or 6, perfect for enjoying football games with family and friends.

These deals include 4 Chicken Sandwiches, 6 Extra Crispy Tenders, 2 Large Sides of your choice, 4 Biscuits, and a Beverage Bucket, with the option to customize the meal to suit your tastes.

KFC Menu 2024

The KFC menu, along with its prices, features a variety of choices like Buckets, Tenders, Sandwiches, Fried Chicken, and Pot Pies & Bowls. With such a broad selection of American dishes, you’re sure to find something to delight your appetite!

KFC Bucket Price & Menu (KFC Family Meal Deals)

Menu ItemsSizeCaloriePrice
Meal8 pc2300-4980$25.99
8 pc2200-4580$25.99
12 pc3450-7470$34.99
12 pc3300-6870$34.99
16 pc4600-9960$44.99
Fill-Up8 pc3560-4940$25.99
8 pc3560-4940$25.99
Chicken Bucket8 pc1020-2400$18.99
8 pc920-2000$18.99
12 pc1530-3600$24.99
12 pc1380-3000$24.99
16 pc2040-4800$31.99

KFC Chicken Tenders Menu Prices

Menu ItemsSizeCaloriePrice
Tinder-Combo5 pc930-1610$9.45
4 pc790-1470$8.49
3 pc780-1340$7.49
Hot-tenders combo-Nashville5 pc1370-1810$9.99
Hot-tenders combo-Nashville5 pc920-1360$7.99
popcom-nuggets combo690-1250$7.99
Tenders- Meal16 pc2910-4930$44.99
12 pc4610-6290$34.99
Tenders- Bucket16 pc2610-4990$31.99
12 pc1630-2100$24.99
8 pc1630-2100$18.99
Menu ItemsSizeCaloriePrice
Thigh-combo and Drum2 pc540-1100$6.00
Thigh-Big Box and Drum2 pc550-1610$7.99
Sandwiches-Meal and touchdown-tenders4700-7430$38.49
sandwich KFC (Chicken-combo)690-1160$8.49

KFC Sandwich Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Sandwiches-Meal and touchdown-tenders4700-7430$38.49
sandwich KFC (Chicken-combo)690-1160$8.49
Chicken-sandwich box(KFC)830-1620$10.49
Chicken-Little Combo670-1190$6.99

KFC Fried Chicken Menu

KFC chicken tender menu prices
Menu ItemsSizeCaloriePrice
Thigh-combo and Drum2 pc540-1100$6.00
Thigh-Big Box and Drum2 pc550-1610$7.99
Brest-combo1 pc580-1340$6.79
Chicken-combo (wings and  Brest)2 pc530-1390$7.79
Chicken-combo (1 wing and  2 Brest)3 pc740-1920$9.49
Chicken combo (1 Drum and  2 Thighs)3 pc630-1520$9.49
Chicken combo (wings, Thigh, and  Brest)3 pc680-1720$9.49
Chicken-Box (1 wing and  2 Brest)3 pc810-2150$9.99
Chicken Box (1 Drum and  2 Thighs)3 pc700-1750$9.99
Chicken-combo4 pc760-1890$10.99

KFC Pot Pies & Bowls Menu

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice

KFC Sides Menu Prices

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Fries-(Secret Recipe)230-930$3.19
Mashed potatoes and gravy130-59+0$3.19
Cheese and Mac140-540$3.19
Mashed potatoes (No gravy)110-460$3.19
Corn (Whole-Kemel)70-280$3.19

KFC Sauces Menu Prices

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice

KFC Desserts & Beverages Menu

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Mountain-Dew( Sweet Lightning160-230$2.39
Colonel (Lemonade)140-210$2.19
Colonel-Strawberry (Lemonade)170-260$2.39
Dr. Pepper240-360$2.39
Half-Gallon Beverage0-910$3.99

Other Famous Menus with Prices

Incredible KFC Menu Deals

The KFC deals are a great way to get your family fed and happy without breaking the bank. KFC fast-food restaurant is well known for KFC chicken menu and signature coleslaw. 

KFC Menu Deals
KFC Deals 2024

What are KFC Opening/Closing Hours?

KFC serves its famous chicken across the U.S. with standard hours from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily, subject to location and holiday variations. Always check your local KFC’s specific hours before visiting.

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday10:00 AM11:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM11:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM11:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM11:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM11:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM11:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM11:00 PM

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FAQs Regarding KFC Menu Prices

Is there any vegan food available at KFC?

KFC has vegan options like Beyond Fried Chicken sandwiches, nuggets, coleslaw, corn, and potato wedges.

What are the most popular foods you can get at KFC?

KFC serves popular American dishes like fried chicken, drumsticks, chicken tenders, KFC bowls, pot pie fill up, buckets, and meal boxes worldwide.

Does KFC provide catering services?

Yes, KFC can host private parties and other special events. They also offer online delivery services for their delicious party platters, which you can order and enjoy at home.

What is a $20 dollar fill up bucket at KFC?

The $20 Fill Up bucket at KFC includes 4 pieces of fried chicken, 12 chicken nuggets, Secret Recipe French Fries, 4 biscuits, and 4 dipping sauces, all at a great price!

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