Popeyes Catering Menu Prices 2024

When it comes to event catering, Popeyes Catering menu is your go-to choice. Indulge in the unbeatable satisfaction of chicken, a crowd-pleaser, for your gathering.

While Popeyes doesn’t offer a catering menu on its website, you can find catering options through partner delivery services like Grub Hub.

popeyes catering menu 2021

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Popeyes Catering Menu Prices

Popeyes Catering Prices is an article that discusses the various prices of Popeyes catering services. The company offers all sorts of catering packages, from full service to drop off and pick up. Popeyes menu options for both office parties and weddings, with some items available as add-ons. 

  • Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders
  • Biscuits
  • Party Sides
  • Beverages
Popeyes Catering Menu
Menu ItemsPrice
Serves 20 persons 
50 Pc Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders, 1 Party Side, 2 Dozen Biscuits (24 biscuits)$100.00
Serves 30 persons 
75 Pc Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders, 2 Party Side, 3 Dozen Biscuits (36 biscuits)$159.00
Serves 50 persons 
100 Pc Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders, 3 Party Side, 4 Dozen Biscuits (48 biscuits)$249.00
Serves 75 persons 
150 Pc Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders, 4 Party Side, 6 Dozen Biscuits (72 biscuits)$349.00
Serves 100 persons 
200 Pc Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders, 6 Party Side, 8 Dozen Biscuits (96 biscuits)$489.00

Popeyes Biscuits Menu Prices

Popeyes Catering Biscuits Menu Prices
1/2 Dozen (6)$3.79

Popeyes Party Sides Menu Prices

Popeyes Catering Party Sides Menu Prices
Mashed Potatoes with Cajun Gravy, Cajun Rice, Cole Slaw, Red Beans & Rice, Cajun Fries, Corn on the Cob, Green Beans, and Onion Rings.$25.99

Popeyes Beverages Menu Prices

Popeyes Catering Beverages Menu Prices
Gallon Drinks$3.99
Half Gallon$2.49

Popeyes Chicken Catering Menu Prices

Popeyes Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders Prices
50 Pieces (Spicy or Mild)$69.99
75 Pieces (Spicy or Mild)$99.99
100 Pieces (Spicy or Mild)$134.99

How to order online Popeyes Catering?

We have compiled some information about ordering Popeyes Menu below! 
Popeyes Catering Order Tips:   

  • Choose between four different packages to order from based on how many people will be attending your event. 
  • When submitting an order online, make sure to include any special requests that you may have in the notes section at checkout.
Popeyes chicken catering cost

Popeyes Catering Customer Support

  • 1-877-POPEYES
  • 1-877-767-3937

Popeyes Customer Support Hours: 24/7 – the best time to call: 10:45 AM

Popeyes Social Media Accounts

FAQs About Popeyes Catering

What is included in a Popeyes platter?

Enjoy your flavor fix with crispy chicken and sides – choose from two, three, or four pieces!

Does Popeyes accept checks for catering orders?

Popeyes Catering accepts business checks, but not personal checks for payment.

What sets apart the Popeyes Combination from the Popeyes Dinner?

The primary distinction is the combo menu’s addition of a small drink. Otherwise, both include the main chicken dish, regular side, and delightful biscuit.

What is the 2024 Popeyes bigger family feast?

Get a big family feast with Bigger Family Feast! Enjoy 12 pieces of our famous chicken, 5 tasty chicken sandwiches, 2 large sides to share, and a bonus of five homemade biscuits and apple pies.

Does Popeyes have a Catering Menu?

Yes, Popeyes offers a Catering Menu that includes a variety of options for both small and large events.

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