Albertsons Christmas Dinner Menu with Prices 2023

Albertsons Christmas Dinner offers a convenient and delicious way to celebrate the festive season. With their special Albertsons Prime Rib Christmas Dinner, you can enjoy a mouth-watering meal without the hassle of cooking.

Albertsons Christmas Menu Prices

Albertsons makes holiday feasting easy with their Christmas Dinner to Go. This service lets you savor the flavors of a traditional Christmas dinner, crafted by Albertsons, right in the comfort of your home. Whether it’s a cozy meal for two or a larger family gathering, Albertsons Christmas Dinner options cater to all your holiday dining needs.

Albertsons Christmas Menu Prices

Christmas has arrived, and Albertsons has you covered for your holiday meal! You may enjoy a holiday feast without the fuss of Albertsons Christmas dinner to go.

Delicious turkey dishes are among Albertsons’ pre-cooked Christmas dinner alternatives. You can have smoked turkey, baked turkey, or turkey breast for your holiday feast. Each one includes mashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread dressing, and 12 delicious dinner rolls.

If you don’t want to eat turkey, Albertsons also has spiral ham and prime rib dinners. Hawaiian rolls, spiced apples, green beans, and mashed sweet potatoes are included with these dinners.

If you don’t want to eat turkey, Albertsons also has spiral ham and prime rib dinners. Hawaiian rolls, spiced apples, green beans, and mashed sweet potatoes are included with these dinners.

Albertsons offers 9 different party trays, great for your Christmas dinner, for those organizing a large gathering. These trays include everything from club sandwiches to antipasto and relish.

If you enjoy cooking, Albertsons has all of the fresh ingredients you’ll need to produce your own side dishes. You can also choose from their quick boxed and frozen sides.

Albertsons Christmas Dinner Menu

When it comes to beverages, Albertsons has a wonderful range of wines, beers, and spirits at Albertsons menu prices. They have white and red wines, as well as sparkling water.

Don’t forget the desserts! Albertsons has a wide array of Christmas candies, including chocolate, sugar canes, and the special gingerbread.

To complete your Christmas dinner, Albertsons also offers seasonal beverages like holiday blend coffee and hot cocoa drinks with marshmallows.

And to make your dinner table even more beautiful, you can add fresh flowers from Albertsons to your order. They deliver everything you need for a perfect Christmas dinner with ease and convenience.

Albertsons Christmas Holiday Dinner (Fully Cooked)

Albertsons Christmas DinnerServesPrice
Turkey Breast6-8$79.99
Smoked Turkey8-10$79.99
Baked Turkey8-10$79.99
Spiral Cut Ham8-10$89.99

Serves With

  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Cornbread Dressing
  • Giblet Gravy
  • Cranberry Relish
  • 1 Dozen Rolls

Albertsons Christmas Dinner – Entertain With Trays

Platter Breakfast$11.99
Bakery Tray36 pcs$9.99
Chewie Macaroon (Susan Cookie Platter)$14.99
Chewie Macaroon (Fdg Susan Cookie Platter)$14.99
Macaroon Chewie (Wedding Cookie Platter)$14.99
Cookie Platter (Susan wedding spritz)$14.99

Albertsons Cakes & Cupcakes

Bakery Cupcake Chocolate24 Pcs$18.99
White Iced Decorated Cake Quarter Sheet$27.99
Bakery Cake Two Layer Chocolate Fudge Iced 8 Inch$21.99
Bakery Artisan Colossal Carrot Cake$5.99
Signature Select Seasons Cake Roll Pumpkin18 Oz$6.49
Bakery Cake Two Layer Red Velvet8 Inch$21.99
Bakery Cake One Layer Coconut + White Icing8 Inch$10.99
Fresh Baked Chocolate Fudge Iced Cake8 Inch (One Layer)$12.99
Bakery Cake Cakerie Bar Tuxedo$17.99
Bakery Cake Two Layer Carrot8 Inch$21.99
Cafe Valley Lemon Ring 7up Cake$7.99
Bakery Sliced Carrot Cake$3.99

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How do i order a Christmas Dinner from albertsons?

To order Albertsons Christmas Dinner for 2023, you have a few options:

  1. Phone Call: You can phone your local Albertsons and place an order for your Christmas dinner.
  2. Online Ordering:
    • Visit Albertsons’ official website.
    • Log into your Albertsons’ rewards account.
    • Place your order and add the necessary location details for delivery.
  3. In-Person Visit: You can also visit your nearest Albertsons store to make an order.

Payment can be made using most debit and credit cards, and delivery options are available​​.

Albertsons Festive Feast: Order & Pickup Timeline

Albertsons is taking orders for Christmas dinners from November 25 until December 20, but make sure to order early as it depends on if they still have supplies. You can start picking up your order from December 16. On Christmas Day, most Albertsons stores will be open from 8 am until 4 pm.

Is Albertsons Open on Christmas day 2023?

Albertsons Customer Service

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FAQs About Albertsons Christmas Dinner

What options are available for Albertsons Christmas dinner?

Albertsons typically offers a variety of Christmas dinner options including traditional roasted turkey, ham, and sometimes prime rib meals. These meals often come with sides like mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans.

Do I need to pre-order my Christmas dinner?

Yes, pre-ordering is usually required for Christmas dinners at Albertsons. It’s best to order well in advance as quantities may be limited and they often sell out quickly.

Can I customize my Christmas dinner order?

Customization options may be limited, as the dinners are typically pre-set. However, you can usually choose from a selection of different meat options and occasionally some side dishes.

Are the Albertsons Christmas dinners fully cooked?

Yes, the main dishes like turkey and ham are typically fully cooked and only require reheating. Instructions for reheating are usually provided.


Albertsons offers special Christmas dinners with choices like turkey and ham. You need to order Albertsons Christmas Dinner in advance and can pick up your meal from the store. The dinners are ready to eat, just needing to be warmed up.

Albertsons Christmas Dinner Prices vary, and options for big groups or special diets might be limited. So, it’s a good idea to check with your local Albertsons for details and to order on time for your Christmas celebration.

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