Little Caesars Menu Prices – Updated 2024

Little Caesars is a renowned pizza chain offering a variety of pizzas, sides, breadsticks, and soft drinks across the nation. Their menu is designed for convenience, providing customers with quick and easy lunch or dinner choices.

Little Caesars Menu Prices, all meal combos stay under $5, offering options like a 14-inch one-topping pizza, pepperoni slices, dipping sauces, cinnamon rolls, and Pepsi products.

Additionally, Little Caesars offers a range of vegetarian options, such as veggie, single cheese slice, or garden vegetable pizza, catering to diverse preferences.

Little Caesars pizza menu

Explore mouthwatering pizzas at various restaurants across the US.

Little Caesars Menu with Prices

Little Caesars, the third-largest pizza maker in the United States, offers a diverse menu featuring not only pizzas but also wings, breadsticks, and chicken parmesan sandwiches.

While prices may vary by location, Little Caesars consistently provides value through specials and deals. Known for their focus on quality dough made with fresh ingredients, Little Caesars ensures affordability and fast service, with over 5 million pizzas served daily.

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Little Caesars Sides Menu Prices

Little Caesars Sides MenuSizesPrices
Crazy Bread$2.29
Stuffed Crazy Bread4 Pc.$3.00
Stuffed Crazy Bread8 Pc.$5.00
Cinnamon Bread$2.99

Little Caesars Snacks Menu Prices

Little Caesars Snacks MenuPrices
Jumbo Soft Pretzel$1.99
Nachos with Cheese$2.69
Mrs. Goodcookie$0.89

Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready Pizzas Menu Prices

Little Caesars Hot and Ready Menu Prices
Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready PizzasSizesPrices
Pepperoni PizzaLarge$6.00
Cheese PizzaLarge$6.00
Sausage PizzaLarge$6.00
DEEP!DEEP!™ DishLarge$8.00
Bacon-Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP!™ DishLarge$12.00

Little Caesars Specialty Pizzas Menu Prices

little caesars pizza menu prices
Little Caesars Specialty PizzasSizesPrices
3 Meat TreatLarge$8.00
Hula HawaiianLarge$8.00
Ultimate SupremeLarge$9.99

Little Caesars Signature Favorites Menu Prices

Little Caesars Signature FavoritesSizesPrices
Crazy Combo – Bread & Sauce8 Pc.$3.99
Italian Cheese Bread10 Pc.$4.59
Zesty Cheese Bread10 Pc.$4.89
Pepperoni Cheese Bread10 Pc.$4.89
Caesar Wings$6.00
Caesar Dip®1 Pc.$0.59
Caesar Dips®2 Pc.$1.00

Little Caesars Menu Deals

Little Caesars Make DealsPrices
Combo Meal 1 – Pizza, Breadsticks & 2-Liter Pepsi$9.99
Combo Meal 2 – Deep Dish Pizza, Breadsticks & 2-Liter Pepsi$12.99
Combo Meal 3 – Pizza, Chicken Wings & 2-Liter Pepsi$12.55
Combo Meal 4 – Deep Dish Pizza, Chicken Wings & 2-Liter Pepsi$14.99

Little Caesars Custom Pizza Menu with Prices

Little Caesars Custom Pizza MenuSizesPrices
1 Topping PizzaLarge$6.50
Stuffed CrustLarge$9.49
Extra Topping$1.75

Little Caesars Allergens Menu

Little Caesars Allergens Menu makes sure customers with food allergies or dietary restrictions can still enjoy a delicious pizza.

Little Caesars Menu has compiled an extensive list of Little Caesars Allergens Menus free from certain allergens, such as gluten and dairy products.

Little Caesars Allergens Menu, For those with sensitivities. Does not need to worry about ingesting something they are allergic to while trying the different flavors on offer at Little Caesars menu!

Little Caesars $5 Pizza

At Little Caesars Pizza, you can enjoy a personal pepperoni pizza for just $5 with this coupon code. Made fresh-to-order with 100% mozzarella cheese and sauce from vine-ripened California tomatoes, every slice is a flavorful delight. Plus, their daily-made dough ensures a delicious experience every time.

Little Caesars $5 Lunch Combo

The Little Caesar’s $5 lunch combo offers fantastic value, including four slices of pizza, two breadsticks, and a 20 oz drink. The pizza boasts a crispy exterior and gooey cheese that tantalizingly melts in your mouth.

Even if you’re not up for a full meal, grabbing a single slice to-go ensures the same delicious experience as enjoying it fresh.

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How To Order Online From Little Caesars Menu?

Order Little Caesars food online through their website or app. Find them on delivery platforms like Doordash, Grubhub, UberEats, Postmates, or Seamless. Follow the steps to see their latest menu

  • Go to Doordash’s website and start ordering from Little Caesars.
  • Find the closest Little Caesars restaurant nearby.
  • When you include the place, you can see the whole menu.
  • Choose your favorite food and put it in the cart.
  • After adding your food, go to checkout.
  • The checkout option will guide you to enter your personal information.

FAQs Regarding Little Caesars Menu

What is Little Caesars well-known for?

Little Caesars is famous for their delicious pizzas, like the popular ExtraMostBestest with pepperoni and bacon toppings.

What are Little Caesars’ top sauce choices for their pizzas?

Little Caesars has yummy dips and sauces like garlic butter and jalapeno cheese dip.

Can we get Little Caesars food online?

Little Caesars takes online orders on their website and app. You can also use apps like Doordash, Grubhub, etc., to order their food.

How big is Little Caesars deep dish pizza?

Little Caesars pizzas come in different sizes. The personal pan is 8 inches wide, the large is 14 inches wide, and the extra-large is 16 inches wide. If you like deep dish, they have a 12-inch option.

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