Porto’s Menu Prices – Updated 2024

Porto’s Bakery is a family-owned bakery that has been in business for over 50 years. Porto’s Menu Prices pride itself on the quality of its products and the freshness of its ingredients.

Porto’s Bakery offers a variety of sweet and savory treats. Their menu includes over 30 sweets like cakes, tartlets, and croissants, plus 10 savory items such as empanadas and potato balls. They also have 11 kinds of bread.

Holiday Treats and Cakes This holiday, try Porto’s special Gingerbread and Gingersnap cookies. They also have 12 kinds of cakes, perfect for any celebration.

Porto's menu Prices

Sandwiches, Meals, and Drinks Choose from 11 sandwiches, 2 main dishes (grilled chicken or slow-roasted pork), soups, and salads. Enjoy hot drinks like coffee or tea and cold ones like shakes and sodas.

Top Picks Don’t miss the Guava and Cheese Strudel, Cheese Roll, and Potato Balls. Ordering and Delivery Visit Porto’s in the US or order online for delivery. Enjoy their delicious food easily!

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Porto’s Menu with Prices 2024

Porto’s Menu Bakery – Popular Items

Popular ItemsPrice
Cheese Roll $1.25
Refugiado (Guava & Cheese Strudel)$1.40
Breakfast Wrap$8.20
1 Dozen of Potato Ball (Papa Rellena)$16.55
Cubano $8.85
Dulce de Leche Besito$0.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.00
Iced Dulce de Leche Latte$5.79
Ham & Cheese Omelette $7.05
Guacamole & Cheese Omelette $7.05

Porto’s Menu Bakery – Savories Menu

Savory PricesPrice
Meat Pie $1.49
Chicken Empanada$1.65
Spinach Feta Empanada$1.40
Ham (Croqueta de Jamon)$1.39
Chicken (Croqueta de Pollo)$1.49
1 dozen of Spinach Feta Empanada$15.65
1 dozen of Meat Pie $16.55
1 dozen of Chicken Empanada$18.29
1 dozen of Potato Ball (Papa Rellena)$16.55
1 dozen of Ham Croquette (Croqueta de Jamon)$15.09
1 dozen of Chicken Croquette (Croqueta de Pollo)$16.55
1 dozen of Potato Ball (Papa Rellena)$1.49

Porto’s Breakfast Menu Prices

(Available Until 11 am)

Breakfast Menu PricesPrice
Ham & Cheese Omelette $7.05
Chorizo & Cheese Omelette $7.05
Guacamole & Cheese Omelette $7.05
Cheese Omelette $6.79

Porto’s Sandwiches Menu Prices

Porto’s Sandwiches MenuPrice
Cubano $8.85
Turkey & Cheese Croissant $7.75
Spicy Chicken Milanesa $9.90
Medianoche $8.49
Turkey & Candied Bacon$9.39
Pan con Lechon (Slow-Roasted Pork Sandwich)$9.15
Ham & Cheese Croissant$7.75
Feta Sandwich$7.99
Ropa Vieja Sandwich $9.15

Porto’s House-Made Soup Menu

House-Made SoupPrice
Cuban-Style Black Beans Soup $5.65
Cauliflower & Broccoli Soup$5.65

Porto’s Bakery Salad

Porto’s Bakery Salad MenuPrice
Cilantro Caesar $8.59
Rustic Chopped Chicken $11.55
Grilled Chicken Cilantro Caesar $10.95

Porto’s Bakery Breads Menu

Porto’s Bakery Breads MenuPrice
Sourdough Batard$4.90
Egg Bread$4.79
Multigrain Batard$4.90
Bag of 6 – French Roll$4.35
Walnut Raisin Batard$4.90
Sourdough Baguette$3.25
French Baguette$2.95
Country Bread$5.05
French Roll$0.75
Cuban Roll (Bolillo Cubano)
Bag of 25 $12.10
Bag of 6 $2.95

Porto’s Bakery Pastries Menu Prices

Porto’s Bakery PastriesPrice
Cheese Roll$1.25
Cinnamon Coffee Cake$11.25
Guava Strudel (Pastelito de Guayaba)$1.29
Refugiado (Guava & Cheese Strudel)$1.40
Cranberry Orange Scone$2.89
Coconut Strudel$1.85
Apple Strudel$1.85
Pineapple Empanada$1.95

Porto’s Bakery Cake Menu

Portos Cake Menu Price
Round Cake
Milk’N Berries $42.95
Tres Leches $28.05
Parisian Chocolate $34.95
Chocolate Raspberry $35.15
Tiramisu $35.15
Red Velvet $35.15
Carrot $29.95
Fresh Fruit Tart$35.25
Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake$35.15
New York Cheesecake$28.35
Roll Cake (Dulce de Leche)$13.59
Tres Leches Cake Loaf$12.10

Porto’s Bakery Croissants Prices

Croissants Menu PricesPrice
Chocolate Twist$2.85
Chocolate $2.85
Butter $2.49
Churro $2.49
Almond $2.70

Porto’s Bakery Cold Sweets

Bakery Cold SweetsPrice
Parisian Chocolate Cake $4.19
Carrot Cake $4.19
Napoleon $4.79
Fruit Tartlet$4.70
Tiramisu Cup$4.69

Porto’s Bakery Cookies Menu Prices

Cookies Menu PricesPrice
Dulce de Leche Besito$0.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.00
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.00
Chocolate Hazelnut Besito$0.99

Porto’s Cold-Brewed Coffee

Cold-Brewed CoffeePrice
Porto’s House $6.15
Horchata $6.15

Porto’s Fresh Fruit Juice & Handcrafted Tea

Fresh Fruit Juice & Handcrafted TeaPrice
Guava Lemonade $5.19
Orange Juice $5.55
Strawberry Mojito$4.95

Porto’s Hot Coffee Menu

Porto’s Hot Coffee Price
Latte (Cafe con Leche)$5.45
Dulce de Leche Latte$5.45
Mocha Latte$5.45
Matcha Green Tea Latte$5.45
Hot Chocolate$4.45
House Brewed Coffee$2.59
Hot Tea – Earl Grey$2.95
Hot Tea
Turmeric Ginger$2.95
English Breakfast$2.95

Porto’s Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee MenuPrice
Latte (Cafe con Leche)$5.55
Dulce de Leche Latte$5.79
Cold Brew$4.35
Matcha Green Tea Latte$5.79
Strawberry Matcha Latte$5.89

Porto’s Iced Blend Coffee

Iced Blend CoffeePrice
Dulce de Leche Latte (Blended)$5.89

Porto’s Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Fresh Fruit Smoothies Menu ItemsPrice
Guava $5.89
Strawberry Banana $5.89
Passion Colada (Mango, Coconut, Passion Fruit)$5.89
Mango $5.89

Porto’s Signature Shakes

Signature Shakes ItemsPrice
Mamey $5.89
Oreo $5.89

Porto’s Bottled Beverage

Bottled Beverage MenuPrice
Apple Juice$2.35
Malta India$2.95
Sparkling Water$4.15
Bottled Water$2.35

Porto’s Fruit Tart

The Portos Fruit Tart is a dessert that has been served for decades and is loved by all. The Portos Fruit tart is made with puff pastry, raspberry jam, butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla extract.

Porto's fruit tart

Portos Fruit tart can be topped with fresh fruit such as strawberries or blueberries to create the perfect summertime treat!

Portos Menu Downey

Porto’s menu Downey has been serving up the best Mexican food in town for over 25 years. They offer a full bar, outdoor dining, and many vegetarian options.  Porto’s menu Downey specialty is the famous white sauce which is absolutely addicting!

Portos bakery menu

The portions are large so one meal can usually feed two people. Porto’s menu also offers catering services and they’re great at accommodating special requests like vegan or gluten-free needs. So if you’re craving authentic Mexican food that will fill you up then head to Porto’s today!

Porto’s Bakery Customer Services

FAQs Regarding Porto’s Menu Prices

What is famous at Porto’s?

Experience the best of home baking at our Bakery or with Porto’s Bake at Home. Enjoy Rosa’s Cuban cakes, signature Cheese Rolls®, Refugiados® (Guava and Cheese Strudels), and our famous Potato Ball® along with other delightful international treats.

Who owns Porto’s Bakery?

Porto’s Bakery & Café, a family-owned diner, has been serving the United States for 40 years. The president of the company is Raul Porto, who manages the business alongside his siblings, Margarita and Beatriz.

What Kind of Meat is Inside Porto’s Potato Balls?

Porto’s Potato Balls feature a delightful filling of Cuban-style ground beef sautéed with mushrooms and onions, seasoned with authentic Spanish spices.

Which two delicious treats should you try at Porto’s Bakery?

The two must-try dishes at Porto’s are the Papa Rellena and the Refugiado.

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