Costco Thanksgiving Dinner 2023 – Instructions & Reviews

If you’re looking for a great Thanksgiving dinner that won’t break the bank, then Costco is your best bet. Costco Thanksgiving dinner 2023 offers a wide variety of options from turkey to pumpkin pie.

Costco Thanksgiving Dinner

We’ll give you all the information on what’s available this year. So that you can make an informed decision about whether it’s suitable for your family.

Costco has provided families with high-quality products at low prices. since its founding in 1983, making it one of America’s favorite retailers. They’ve saved customers.

Does Costco sell Thanksgiving Dinners this year?

Costco is famous for yummy food, especially on big days like Thanksgiving. This year’s Costco Thanksgiving dinner has some really cool dishes to look forward to!

You know what’s awesome? Costco turkey dishes will be on those Costco Thanksgiving dinner plates! Depending on where you live, the prices might be a little different. But guess what? The turkey starts at just $2.99 a pound!

Costco Thanksgiving Dinner prices

For just $30, you can get a meal that feeds 4 to 6 people. It has a juicy turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, tasty beans, yummy gravy, and sweet cranberry sauce.

There’s more! The Costco Thanksgiving dinner comes with lots of colorful veggies and a super tasty ranch dip. The best part? It’s on a plastic platter, so no washing tons of dishes. Just take off the plastic top and it’s ready to eat!

Costco Thanksgiving Dinner Menu 2023

Thanksgiving is soon! Go to Costco for affordable and yummy Thanksgiving dinners. Costco has big dinner boxes that can feed many people. The Rastelli’s Antibiotic-free Turkey Breast Roast Turkey dinner are favorites. They come with tasty sides and are easy to make.

Costco Thanksgiving Dinner Plates

Want beef? Try Rastelli Black Angus Beef Tenderloin Roast. It feeds 6 people and comes with yummy sides. Costco also has pre-made thanksgiving appetizers like soups, cold snacks, and veggie trays. Some bestsellers are shrimp cocktail, cranberry walnut bread, tacos, and mac & cheese.

They also have pumpkin pies, mini quiches, and more treats. Plus, there’s lots of cranberry sauce choices. Need drinks? Check out their wine deals. For dessert, they have big pecan pies and pumpkin cheesecakes. And don’t forget decorations! Costco has flowers and chocolate decorations for Thanksgiving.

Costco Thanksgiving Dinner Menu With Price

Dinner MenuServesPrice
Turkey Breast Roast by Rastelli (Antibiotic free)8-10$219
Ham Spiral from Rastelli (Antibiotic Free)8$199.99
Beef Tenderloin Black Angus by Rastelli6$169.99

Costco Pre-Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner

Costco pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner is an excellent option for people who are too busy to cook their turkey this holiday season. 

They offer an all-inclusive package that includes the bird, gravy, stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, potatoes, and pumpkin pie. It also comes with step-by-step instructions, so you don’t have to worry about anything! This will ensure your day is stress-free, and you can focus on spending time with family and friends.

Costco Thanksgiving Pre-Packaged Feast

  • Brand: Fortune Gourmet
  • Packaging: Portion-Ready Packs
  • Category: Gourmet Prepared Meals & Sides
  • Total Items: 11

New Costco Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Serves: Serves 8

Thanksgiving dinner at Costco store Item Number: 1774221

Costco Is Selling a $200 Thanksgiving Meal Kit for 8

Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner can be tricky. How many side dishes? How much turkey? If you want an easy solution, Costco can help! They have a Thanksgiving meal box for just $200 that feeds eight people. The coolest thing? They’ll bring it to your door. So on Thanksgiving, all you need to do is warm it up and enjoy!

Is Costco Selling a $200 Thanksgiving Meal Kit?

$200 Thanksgiving Meal Kit includes:

  • 5 lb. all-natural, Amish farm-raised skin-on, netted turkey breast
  • 1 ½ lb. tray of mashed potatoes
  • 8 oz. turkey gravy
  • 1.6 lb. tray of mac and cheese
  • 2 lbs. sweet corn
  • 2 lbs. whole green beans
  • 2 lb. tray of St. Claire dressing/stuffing
  • 3/4 pound jar of cranberry relish
  • 12 dinner rolls
  • 8-in. whole pumpkin pie
  • 8-in. whole apple pie

Costco Thanksgiving Dinner Instructions

  1. The oven should be preheated to 420.
  2. The turkey and stuffing pan should be placed on the center rack and cooked uncovered for 20 minutes.
  3. The heat should then be reduced to 375, the turkey covered with foil, and cooked until the internal temp reaches 165 (estimated 60-90 minutes).
  4. The turkey should then rest for 10 minutes before carving.
  5. The mashed potatoes and green beans should be covered with foil and baked at 375 for approximately 30 minutes or until the internal temp reaches 165.
  6. Finally, the gravy should be reheated in microwave or saucepan until it reaches 165 degrees as well.

Famous Thanksgiving Dinner 2023

Costco Holiday Hours Guide 2023

Costco is busy during holidays and might be closed on some. Check the holiday schedule below, but local stores can change their hours.

Jan 1New Year’s DaySundayClosed
Jan 16Martin Luther King DayMondayRegular Hours
Feb 20Presidents’ DayMondayRegular Hours
April 7Good FridayFridayRegular Hours
April 9EasterSundayClosed
May 29Memorial DayMondayClosed
Jul 4Independence DayTuesdayClosed
Sep 4Labor DayMondayRegular Hours
Oct 9Columbus DayMondayRegular Hours
Nov 11Veterans DaySaturdayRegular Hours
Nov 22Day Before ThanksgivingWednesdayRegular Hours
Nov 23ThanksgivingThursdayClosed
Nov 24Black FridayFridayRegular Hours
Dec 24Christmas EveSundayRegular Hours
Dec 25Christmas DayMondayClosed
Dec 26Day after ChristmasTuesdayRegular Hours
Dec 31New Year’s EveSundayRegular Hours

Is Costco open on Thanksgiving?

Costco, like Target and Walmart store, is closed on Thanksgiving. Costco is closed just seven days a year: Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and Christmas.

How to Order Online Thanksgiving Dinner from Costco?

Want to order your Thanksgiving dinner from Costco online? Here’s a simple guide to help you!

  • Go to Costco’s website.
  • Look at the Thanksgiving menu.
  • Choose meals, sides, and drinks.
  • Decide on delivery (consider same-day if available).
  • Check shipping details for fresh items.
  • Enter address.
  • Pay.

Most Popular Costco Thanksgiving Dinner Items

Want great food without spending too much? Costco has yummy, affordable dishes that feel fancy.

  1. Antibiotic-Free Turkey Breast Roast: Perfect for Thanksgiving, this juicy turkey is seasoned with a special Tuscan Rub. Follow the heating instructions for the best turkey ever.
  2. Crème Fresh Mashed Potatoes: These are soft, creamy, and loved by many. Made with Yukon gold potatoes and mixed with luxurious Crème Fraiche, herbs, and butter, they taste heavenly.
  3. Antibiotic-Free Spiral Ham: This tasty ham is from healthy animals and smells so good! It’s juicy and smoked with real wood. No fake flavors here.
  4. Angus Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon Roast: Two seasoned pieces of juicy beef roast. Just heat and enjoy its rich taste.
  5. Scalloped Potatoes Au Gratin: Everyone loves these creamy, cheesy potatoes. They’re seasoned just right and taste amazing.

Costco Thanksgiving Dinner Plates

Every year, Costco sells over $20 million worth of Thanksgiving dinner plates. The holiday is essential for many families. The plates are so popular because they can hold multiple different foods and stand up to heat. 

They are also very durable, which gives customers more bang for their buck!Costco Thanksgiving dinner plates are an excellent choice if you’re looking to buy some new ones this year. 

This year, Costco is offering up an all-time favorite: Mediterranean cuisine! For just $5.29 per plate (plus tax), Costco’s Thanksgiving dinner plates come complete with hummus for dipping or spreading onto your croissant sandwiches. 

Swiss rolls filled the bursting point so everyone will have one iffy but still delicious bite while cooking their meal on a stovetop.

Costco Thanksgiving Dinner Canada

In the United States, Thanksgiving is a time of celebration and thanks. In Canada but, there are no holidays during this time of year. As a result, the majority of Canadians will be getting ready for Christmas in about two weeks! 

Costco Thanksgiving Dinner Reviews

It’s important to note that many Canadian families celebrate Thanksgiving with friends or coworkers instead. If you’re a Canadian Costco member wondering what to serve at your feast this year, Costco has got you covered. 

Costco Thanksgiving dinner Canada offers a complete dinner package. These packages include all the ingredients needed for turkey and gravy and apple pie and pumpkin cheesecake. 

Costco Thanksgiving Dinner Reviews

No one wants to be stuck in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day. But if you want a good meal, it’s worth it to put some time and effort into planning your menu ahead of time. 

You can make life easier by going with a Costco Thanksgiving dinner package instead! This way, all you need to do is add the fixings and enjoy! 

Suppose you’re looking for something that will provide plenty of food without breaking the bank or leaving everyone feeling hungry. In that case, these packages are for you.

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