Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Menu 2023

Want a fantastic Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving menu without the fuss? Cracker Barrel has you covered with their tasty Thanksgiving meals!

Everyone loves a hearty Thanksgiving meal, and Cracker Barrel is here to help. They offer the Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving dinner with options like the Heat n Serve Family Dinner and the Hot and Ready Family Dinner.

These menus bring the best of the holiday to your table: juicy Roasted Turkey Breast, yummy Macaroni and Cheese, sweet potato casserole, and a delightful pumpkin pie.

The Feast menus are perfect for big families with 8-10 members, while the Family Dinner serves 4-6 people. Just pick the one that fits your family size.

Cracker-Barrel Thanksgiving Price

And if you visit Cracker Barrel after Thanksgiving, don’t forget to try their famous pancakes and delicious chicken!

Ordering is simple, but remember to give a 24-hour notice. Payments are made when you order, and you can only pick up from the restaurant.

Whether you want to heat the meals at home or get them hot and ready, Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving menu has options for everyone. They’re offering 4 menus for all family sizes. So, why wait? Order now and enjoy!

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner

Cracker Barrel is a restaurant chain that specializes in Southern food. They have been around for over 50 years and have become a staple of the American South. 

Cracker-Barrel Thanksgiving Menu

The cracker barrel thanksgiving menu price varies from year to year. Still, it typically includes pumpkin pie, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, green beans almondine, cranberry sauce, and turkey roast. Prices may vary from location to location.

Cracker Barrel Holiday Thanksgiving Offerings

Menu ItemsServesCaloriePrice
Heat n’ Serve-Feast (Add 2 Sides)8-1019700$149.99
Heat n’ (Serve-Family Dinner) (Add 1 Side)4-68480$99.99
Heat n’ Serve (Feast-Holiday Ham) (Add 2 Sides)8-1020950$159.99
Heat n’ Serve (Family Dinner-Holiday Ham) (Add 1 Side)4-614210$109.99
Heat n’ Serve-Family Dinner-Prime Rib (Add 2 Sides)4-610890$124.99
Pumpkin Pie102700$12.49
Cinnamon Roll Pie103340$12.99
Apple Streusel Pie104350$12.49
Chocolate Pecan Pie104600$12.49
Pecan Pie104020$12.49

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Sides

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Hashbrown Casserole (Loaded)$9.99
Mashed Potatoes (Loaded)$4.99
Cornbread-Dressing 1680$15.49
Green-Beans 830$29.99
Sliced Apples (Fried)2060$29.99
Macaroni Noodles with Cheese 1620$15.49
Casserole of Hashbrown1540$15.49 
Mashed-Potatoes Include Turkey-Gravy 1460$15.49
Mashed Potatoes (Loaded)2070$19.49
Casserole (Sweet Potato)1400$15.49

Cracker Barrel Add Extra

Menu ItemsSizePrice
Pumpkin PieFull$12.49
Apple Streusel Pie Full$12.49
Pecan-Pie Full$12.49
Chocolate Pecan Pie Full$12.49
Cinnamon Roll Pie Full$12.49
Mashed-Potatoes (Loaded)$24.99
Mashed-Potatoes Include Turkey-Gravy $19.99
Macaroni n’ Cheese$19.99
Green Beans$19.99
Blackberry Tea 1/2 Gal.$7.99
Peach-Tea 1/2 Gal.$7.99
Iced Tea (Sweet) (Freshly Brewed)1/2 Gal.$4.99
Iced Tea (Unsweetened) (Freshly Brewed)1/2 Gal.$4.99

Cracker Barrel A La Carte (Heat N’ Serve)

Menu ItemsServesCaloriePrice
Turkey Breast (1 Oven-Roasted)1800$38.99
Sugar Cured Ham (Smokehouse)6720$69.99
Prime Rib (Slow-Roasted)5070$94.99
Country Cured Ham (Smokehouse)5950$69.99
Hashbrown Casserole (Loaded)4-62280$20.99
Hashbrown Casserole (Loaded)8-104550$29.99
Mashed Potatoes (Loaded)4-62280$17.99
Carrots (baby)8-10960$19.99
Mashed Potatoes (Loaded)8-104570$24.99
Hot and Ready Cornbread Dressing8-101780$19.99
Carrots (baby)4-6480$12.99
Hot and Ready Cornbread Dressing4-6890$12.99
Fried Apple (seasoned)8-102060$19.99
Cranberry Relish270$5.49
Fried Apple (seasoned)4-61030$12.99
Green Beans4-6250$12.99
Hashbrown Casserole8-103080$19.99
Green Beans8-10500$19.99
Macaroni n’ Cheese8-103560$19.99
Hashbrown Casserole4-61150$12.99
Mashed Potatoes8-103090$19.99
Macaroni n’ Cheese4-61780$12.99
Mashed Potatoes Include Roasted Gravy 8-103830$19.99
Mashed Potatoes4-61550$12.99
Mashed Potatoes Include Turkey Gravy 8-103530$19.99
Mashed Potatoes Include Roasted Gravy 4-61910$12.99
Mashed Potatoes Include Turkey Gravy 4-61760$12.99
Potato Casserole (Sweet)8-103090$19.99
Roasted Gravy 730$6.99
Potato Casserole (Sweet)4-61540$12.99
Turkey Gravy 430$6.99
Yeast Rolls (Sweet)3540$7.99

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Desserts

Menu ItemsServesCaloriePrice
Cookies Chocolate Chip (Homestyle)102410$13.99
Coca Cola Cake (Chocolate Fudge) (Double)108130$25.99
Peach Cobbler104450$18.99
Beignets (Biscuit)103200$21.99
Pie Pumpkin 2700$12.49
Pie Apple Streusel4350$12.49
Pie Cinnamon Roll3340$12.49
Pie Chocolate Pecan4600$12.49
Pie Pecan4020$12.49

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Drinks Menu

Menu ItemsSizeCaloriePrice
Blackberry Tea1/2 Gal.1100$7.99
Peach Tea1/2 Gal.1110$7.99
Southern Half n’ Half1/2 Gal.780$5.49
Iced-Tea (Unsweetened) (Freshly-Brewed)1/2 Gal.$4.99
Iced-Tea (Sweet) (Freshly-Brewed)1/2 Gal.520$4.99
Florida Orange Juice (100%) Pure1 Gallon1530$13.99
Lemonade1/2 Gal.1040$5.99
Premium Coffee (Freshly-Brewed)96 oz30$10.99
Decaf Coffee Premium (Freshly-Brewed)96 oz30$10.99
Root-Beer1 Bottle210$2.99
Beer Soda-Butterscotch flavored210$2.99
Ale-8 One120$2.99
Cheerwine Classic soda150$2.99
Original-Shirley Temple (Hollywood’s)140$2.99
Orange Cream Soda (Dad’s)180$2.99

Famous Thanksgiving Dinner 2023

In 2023 those who attend this meal will experience something new as they dine: an augmented reality (AR) overlay that will allow them to see their food in a whole new way!

Special Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Menu

For Thanksgiving, Cracker Barrel will have yummy turkey dinners on the holiday for people to eat. Plus, they’re offering special family-go-to menu and pies for Thanksgiving. Just remember, these might not be available at every Cracker Barrel.

Cracker-Barrel Holiday Meals

1. Cracker Barrel Single Homestyle Turkey N’ Dressing Meal:

Ready for a Thanksgiving treat without the big turkey prep? Cracker Barrel’s got your back! Their meal for one includes turkey, dressing, gravy, a taste of ham, sweet potato casserole with pecans, and more. You also get a drink and pumpkin pie slice, unless it’s a takeaway. There’s a kids’ version too, minus the casserole and ham. Grab this meal from November 17th-25th or dine-in on Thanksgiving day from 11 am.

2. Cracker Barrel Homestyle Turkey N’ Dressing Family Meal To Go:

Want a feast for about six people? Skip the turkey roasting and get Cracker Barrel’s family meal. It’s packed with goodies like turkey, ham, cranberry relish, and sides like green beans and mashed potatoes. Note: Dessert isn’t included, but keep reading for pie details! Order by December 1st (or while supplies last) and give them a day’s notice.

3. Cracker Barrel Heat N’ Serve Family Meal To-Go:

A larger meal for ten people, but you’ll need to heat it up before serving. Don’t worry, it’s easier than cooking a whole turkey! The box has oven-roasted turkey breasts, sides, and both pumpkin and pecan pies. Available for pick up from November 23rd-December 1st. Remember to order a day ahead!

4. Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Fresh Baked Pies:

End your Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving dinner with a sweet touch. They’ve introduced five special pie flavors for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie is available from October 28th to December 1st, and others like apple and pecan pies are up till December 24th. Order online or get them in-store.

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Catering 2023

Catering is a great way to make Thanksgiving more convenient. So if you are thinking about it, consider cracker barrel thanksgiving catering for your event. 

Cracker-Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner

They have been providing excellent service since 1960, and they will be able to help you with all of the details that go into planning a fabulous meal for everyone on your guest list. 

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Catering 2023 provides high-quality food at affordable prices. Cracker-barrel holiday meals include holiday classics such as turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie, so there’s something for everyone! 

Cracker Barrel Holiday Hours

Jan 1New Year’s DaySundayRegular Hours
Jan 16Martin Luther King DayMondayRegular Hours
Feb 20Presidents’ DayMondayRegular Hours
April 7Good FridayFridayRegular Hours
April 9EasterSundayRegular Hours
May 29Memorial DayMondayRegular Hours
Jul 4Independence DayTuesdayRegular Hours
Sep 4Labor DayMondayRegular Hours
Oct 9Columbus DayMondayRegular Hours
Nov 11Veterans DaySaturdayRegular Hours
Nov 22Day Before ThanksgivingWednesdayReduced Hours
(some locations close early)
Nov 23ThanksgivingThursdayRegular Hours
Nov 24Black FridayFridayRegular Hours
Dec 24Christmas EveSundayReduced Hours
(close at 2pm)
Dec 25Christmas DayMondayClosed
Dec 31New Year’s EveSundayRegular Hours

Is Cracker Barrel open on Thanksgiving?

Great news! Cracker Barrel will be open on Thanksgiving from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Just make sure to check your local store’s hours to be certain!

How to order Thanksgiving menu from Cracker Barrel? 

Here are the main points about the Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving menu and ordering process:

  1. Online Orders: You can’t order Thanksgiving meals online.
  2. How to Order: Call your local Cracker Barrel to place your order.
  3. Ordering Time: Make sure to order at least 24 hours in advance.
  4. Order Early: It’s best to order as soon as possible because meals might run out.
  5. Available Until: Thanksgiving dishes, including pumpkin pie, are up for grabs until November 25th.
  6. Holiday Pies: Other holiday pies are available until December 26th.
  7. Pick-up Time: They’ll assist you in choosing the best time to collect your meal.

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner Review

Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner is a delicious and convenient option for those looking to enjoy a traditional holiday meal. The turkey was cooked to perfection, with crispy skin and moist meat.

The accompanying side dishes were all flavorful, from the creamy mashed potatoes to the sweet cranberry sauce. The highlight of the meal was undoubtedly the made-from-scratch biscuits, which were fluffy and golden brown.

Overall, Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner offers a tasty and satisfying holiday dining experience. One minor drawback is that it does not include a dessert option, but this can easily be remedied by ordering one of Cracker Barrel’s famous pies separately.

All in all, I highly recommend Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Dinner for a stress-free and enjoyable holiday meal.

FAQs About Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving Menu

Is Cracker Barrel taking online orders for Thanksgiving meals? 

According to Cracker Barrel’s official website, they don’t accept online orders. So, you’ll need to call your nearest location to order.

Do you need to eat the ‘Heat N Serve’ meal within 72 hours?

According to Cracker Barrel’s official website, you should eat the ‘Heat N Serve’ meal within 72 hours.

Does Cracker Barrel have turkey and gravy?

Yes, Fried turkey fillets with a crispy hand-breaded layer, smothered in rich gravy. Pair it with two tasty Country Sides, tangy cranberry relish, and your choice of fluffy Buttermilk Biscuits or Corn Muffins. Enjoy!

Does Cracker Barrel pay time and a half for Thanksgiving?

Cracker Barrel offers a great work environment, but be prepared to commit to working on holidays. Unfortunately, they don’t offer free meals, extra holiday pay, or a holiday bonus.

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