Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 with Reviews

Updated Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner

Food Lion thanksgiving dinner has something for everyone this Thanksgiving season. Whether it’s time for a traditional family dinner or if you’re craving some sweet treats, They have what you need in stock at their stores across the Carolinas. 

Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner

Food Lion invites you to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. They will provide the turkey and the fixings, so all you need to do is bring your appetite! Food Lion locations are open 6 am-10 pm on November 22nd. 

Is Food Lion open on Thanksgiving day?

Food Lion is open on Thanksgiving Day, which means you can start your holiday weekend off right. So whether you’re hosting a big dinner or want to hit the store for some last-minute items, Food Lion would love to help.

Food Lion Thanksgiving Hours 2022: 07:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Check out the food lion thanksgiving dinner menu list below and see us bright and early morning! Food Lion will be open from 07:00 AM to 04:00 PM on thanksgiving day so that people who are hosting dinners or shopping can do it before they have to go home for the night.

Does food lion sell thanksgiving dinner?

Food Lion is a popular grocery store that offers quality products at affordable prices. However, Thanksgiving dinner may be the only exception.

Food Lion Christmas Dinner

While it’s not clear if Food Lion sells Thanksgiving dinners, customers can find many items they need to make their own Thanksgiving dinner, including turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing mix, and pumpkin pie filling.

They also sell other foods for holidays like Easter and Christmas, which are great options for those looking to save money this holiday season!

Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

It is the pure bliss of knowing that the family will have a great meal with all the fixings for less than half of what it would cost at most other restaurants or grocery stores. 

That is why They are so excited to announce the Food lion thanksgiving dinner 2022 promotion! This is one of the food lion biggest deals, and They want everyone to take advantage of this opportunity, even if they missed this year’s promo. 

does food lion sell thanksgiving dinner 2

We understand how important it can be during these tough economic times. Please do not hesitate to contact them about any questions you might have about your order or delivery options (phone number). Just like every year, there are some things you need to know before placing an order.

Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Prices

  • Food Lion Veggies
  • Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner Small Appetizers
  • Food Lion Thanksgiving Ice Cream
  • Food Lion Thanksgiving Turkey
  • Food Lion Thanksgiving Menu Rolls
  • Food Lion Thanksgiving Potatoes
  • Food Lion Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce
  • Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner Stuffing
  • Food Lion Thanksgiving Whipped Cream
  • Food Lion Thanksgiving  Drinks
  • Food Lion Coffee

Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner

Famous Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time for family and friends to come together, rekindling old relationships and creating new ones. In 2022, it will be a great year for everyone involved to do just that with the help of some amazing food!

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Food Lion Thanksgiving Promotion 2022

Every year, the Food Lion grocery store chain offers a Thanksgiving dinner to anyone who wants it. This is an opportunity for people to come together and enjoy a meal in gratitude for what they have.

Food lion thanksgiving dinner 2022 will include turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. 

Is food lion closed on Thanksgiving?

For many people, Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and friends. So many are wondering if Food Lion will be open on Thanksgiving Day. 

Food Lion operates over 1,000 grocery stores in 12 states across the southeast U.S., including 

  • Virginia, 
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina 
  • Georgia etc.

They operate between 6 am-midnight, seven days a week but can vary depending on location and staff availability. Food Lion is open on Thanksgiving Day so that you can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

Food Lion Christmas Dinner

The holidays are a time for giving and sharing; the food lion Christmas dinner is no exception. The annual event takes place in December at Food Lion.

This year’s food lion Christmas dinner menu includes turkey, ham, dressing, and the usual fixings. If you would like more information about this event, please visit their website or call them. 

The annual food lion Christmas dinner is back for another year! You can help support local families in need by attending this delicious meal with all your friends and family members.

Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner Reviews

Food Lion Thanksgiving dinner reviews are mostly positive, with customers praising the affordability and convenience of the meal.

The turkey is the star of the show, with many reviewers saying it is moist and flavorful. The side dishes are also well-received, with the mashed potatoes being a particular favorite.

The only downside of the Food Lion Thanksgiving dinner is that it is quite small, so it might not be enough to feed a large family.

Overall, though, customers are happy with the meal and say it is a great value for the price.

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