Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner 2023

Thanksgiving is a fun time we all look forward to, especially the big meal! Want to make your meal awesome without the fuss? Check out Shoprite Thanksgiving dinner.

Shoprite Thanksgiving catering

Shoprite has yummy menus this year that won’t break the bank. They have 3 main dishes, 3 sides, and sweet treats for dessert. Wondering about Shoprite hours Thanksgiving day? No worries, they’ve got special hours to help you out. And don’t forget, you can also get Shoprite savory & sweet platters to make your table even better!

Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner in 2023

Looking for a perfect Shoprite Thanksgiving dinner? Shoprite has got you covered! From delicious turkey to scrumptious desserts, they’ve got everything for a memorable feast.

Enjoy a complete Shoprite Thanksgiving meal made just for you! The star of the show is a tasty turkey, juicy stuffing, yummy gravy, and amazing side dishes like mashed potatoes. Plus, there are sweet treats like apple pie, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. Want something different? Try the applewood-smoked cider maple-glazed ham or the herb-roasted turkey breast. You can order them on their own!

Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner in 2023

For sides, how about Yukon gold mashed potatoes or white cheddar mac ‘n’ cheese? There’s also green beans with roasted garlic to make your meal even better.

If you have a big group or don’t want to cook, Shoprite Thanksgiving catering is perfect! You get to pick your favorites. Choose 1 starter, 4 delis, 6 main dishes, 8 salads, 9 side dishes, 10 desserts, and even brunch and flowers.

Want to save money? Check out Shoprite’s special deals! You can find discounted Thanksgiving items. Pick a frozen turkey, ham – sliced or unsliced, or even different flavors of lasagna. All to fit your budget.

And here’s some exciting news! Spend $400 at Shoprite using your Price Club card, and you could win a free Shoprite Thanksgiving dinner! Imagine getting a turkey or other dinner items like ham, lasagna, and kosher chicken for free. Make this Thanksgiving special with Shoprite!

Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner (Main Course)

Get a delicious turkey dinner for only $74.99! It feeds 8-10 people and comes with sweet potatoes, green beans, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy. Just warm it up and eat!

Menu ItemSizeServesPrice
Complete Thanksgiving Dinner8-10$74.99
– Fully Cooked Premium Turkey10-12 lbs
– Mashed Potatoes3 lbs
– Sweet Potatoes2 lbs
– Holiday Stuffing1.75 lbs
– Turkey Gravy2 lbs
– Green Bean (Casserole)1.75 lbs
Turkey Breast Herb Roasted8$49.99
Applewood-Glazed Ham Smoked Cider Maple8$44.99

Shoprite Friendsgiving Bundle

Celebrate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving with Shoprite’s unbeatable deals! Shoprite Friendsgiving Bundle includes an herb-roasted turkey breast, a popular maple glazed ham, six sides, and a dessert for 15 people. Spend less time cooking and more time enjoying!

Friendsgiving Bundle

  • Serves: 15
  • Price: $159.99


  • Turkey Breast Herb Roasted
  • Applewood-Glazed Ham Smoked Cider Maple


  • Green Beans (Garlic Roasted)
  • Yukon Gold Potatoes (Mashed)
  • Butternut Squash (Roasted with Cranberries, Fall-Spiced)
  • Mac ‘N’ Cheese (White Cheddar)
  • Country Stuffing
  • Turkey Gravy


  • Apple Pie (Gourmet)

Shoprite Turkey Sides Menu

Shoprite’s sweet squash with tangy cranberries is a top holiday side dish. It’s a perfect mix of sweet and savory for only $34.99!

Menu ItemsServesPrice
Turkey Gravy$4.99
Yukon Gold Potatoes (Mashed)8$24.99
Butternut Squash Roasted Include Cranberries (Fall-Spiced)8$34.99
Green Beans Include Garlic Roasted8$29.99
Mac ‘N’ Cheese White Cheddar8$34.99

Shoprite Dessert Pie For Thanksgiving

Menu ItemsServesPrice
Apple Pie (Gourmet)8$9.99

Looking for Thanksgiving dinner options at other restaurants? Visit;

Shoprite Holiday Hours 2023

Want to know when Shoprite is open during the 2023 holidays? Here’s a quick guide to their special hours!

DateHolidaysWeekdaysOperating Hours
Jan 1New Year’s DaySundayRegular Hours
Jan 16Martin Luther King DayMondayRegular Hours
Feb 20Presidents’ DayMondayRegular Hours
April 7Good FridayFridayRegular Hours
April 9EasterSundayRegular Hours
May 29Memorial DayMondayRegular Hours
Jul 4Independence DayTuesdayRegular Hours
Sep 4Labor DayMondayRegular Hours
Oct 9Columbus DayMondayRegular Hours
Nov 11Veterans DaySaturdayRegular Hours
Nov 22Day Before ThanksgivingWednesdayRegular Hours
Nov 23ThanksgivingThursdayRegular Hours
Nov 24Black FridayFridayRegular Hours
Dec 24Christmas EveSundayReduced Hours
(open until 7pm)
Dec 25Christmas DayMondayClosed
Dec 26Day after ChristmasTuesdayRegular Hours
Dec 31New Year’s EveSundayRegular Hours

Is Shoprite open on Thanksgiving?

Shorite will be open on Thanksgiving day. However, holiday hours can vary by location and year.

How to order Thanksgiving Dinner from Shoprite?

Getting ready for Shoprite Thanksgiving dinner? Here’s an easy guide for you! Shopping at Shoprite for your Thanksgiving is super easy and fun. Plus, did you hear about the Shoprite ham free deal? Let’s learn how to shop there.

Shopping at Shoprite: Step by step guide

Shopping at Shoprite is like a mini-adventure. Whether you want to grab your Shoprite Thanksgiving treats or just your weekly snacks, follow these steps:

Step 1: First, jump onto the Shoprite website or download the Shoprite app on your tablet or phone from the Apple/Google Play store.

Step 2: Next, pick your favorite Shoprite store and choose a time when you want to pick up or get your stuff delivered.

Step 3: Now, it’s shopping time! Fill your cart with all the yummy things you want. Maybe some Shoprite ham for free? Don’t forget!

Step 4: Last step! Decide if you want to pick up your items at the store or have them delivered right to your door. Super easy, right?

Remember, shopping at Shoprite has never been hard because they have so many options. You can even use cool apps like Order Express App and Doordash. Have a happy Shoprite Thanksgiving!

FAQs About Shoprite Thanksgiving Menu

How Long Does Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner Promotion Valid?

It is valid from Sunday, October 15 to Thursday, November 23, 2023. Price Plus® club membership is required to participate in this program.

How Can I know if I’m Qualified For a FREE Item?

Check the bottom of your receipt to see how much you’ve spent and if you’ve earned your free item.

What is the cost of Shoprite’s Thanksgiving Dinner?

Looking for Thanksgiving dinner? Shoprite has lots of choices, from ready-to-eat meals to individual items. Check out the menu and prices at!

How Do I Use My Digital Coupons?

First, log into Shoprite and select “Load to Card” for each coupon. Next, click “View Products” to see items that match the offer. When checking out, enter your phone number to apply your digital coupons.

Final Words

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, Shoprite is a top choice for many families. They offer a wide range of delicious options, from ready-to-eat meals to individual items, making meal planning a breeze.

No need to stress over preparing a big meal from scratch when Shoprite can help simplify the process. With their convenient shopping experience, both online and in-store, you can be sure to have everything you need for a memorable and hassle-free holiday feast. So, for a tasty and stress-free Thanksgiving dinner, Shoprite is the way to go!

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