Ruth’s Chris Steak House Menu Prices 2024

Are you looking for a delicious steak dinner? Ruth Chris Steakhouse Menu is the perfect spot! Ruth’s Chris Steak House is known for its delicious steaks and sides.

ruth's chris steak house menu

Plus, they offer a variety of delicious cocktails and desserts. Check out Ruth’s Chris Steak House Menu and prices below to see all they have to offer!

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Ruth Chris Menu Prices 2024

Ruth’s Chris Steak House offers a diverse menu with seven categories: a wide range of wines, cocktails and spirits, dine-in dinner options, beers, takeout and delivery meals, delicious desserts, and happy hour deals.

You can find around 150 wines on their list, available online and at the restaurant. These wines come in various sizes, from a glass to a full bottle.

The dinner menu is a bit expensive, but it matches the high quality of the food and the restaurant’s upscale atmosphere. The carry-out and delivery menus are similar, but the dishes and prices might differ at different locations.

ruth chris prices menu

The appetizer section includes tasty dishes like Veal Osso Ravioli and Barbequed Shrimp, along with five other unique starters. The menu also has five kinds of salads and a daily soup.

Steaks and chops are the main attractions, with choices like the New York Strip, Lamb Chops, and Filet. They even offer large servings like the Porterhouse for two. Other options include Ribeye, T-Bone, Pork Chops, Tournedos, and Shrimp.

There’s also a great selection of seafood and specialty dishes, plus sides like Sweet Potato Casserole and Lobster Mac & Cheese. For vegans, there are seven vegetable dishes.

Ruth’s Chris Happy hour, from 4 to 6:30 PM, is a great time for cheaper food and drinks, including cocktails and signature dishes in the bar and outdoor areas.

Lastly, the dessert menu features eight options, such as cheesecake, apple tart, chocolate cake, crème Brulee, ice cream, berries, chocolate mousse cheesecake, and bread pudding with whiskey sauce.

Ruth Chris Appetizers Menu Prices

Seared ahi tuna*Complemented by a spirited sauce with hints of mustard & beer130$22
Barbecued shrimpLarge shrimp, white wine, butter, garlic & spice reduction400$22
Stuffed mushroomsCrabmeat, seasonings, Romano cheese460$19
Spicy shrimpLightly fried large shrimp, spicy cream sauce, tangy cucumber salad350$24
Chilled seafood tower* (small)Maine lobster, jumbo shrimp, colossal lump crabmeat & market fresh chilled seafood (serves 2)690/1380$79
Chilled seafood tower* (large)Maine lobster, jumbo shrimp, colossal lump crabmeat & market fresh chilled seafood (serves 4)690/1380$158
Sizzling crab cakesTwo jumbo lump crab cakes, sizzling lemon butter320$28
CalamariLightly fried, sweet & spicy Asian chili sauce990$22
Veal osso buco ravioliSaffron-infused pasta, sautéed baby spinach, white wine demi-glace460$21
Shrimp cocktailChilled jumbo shrimp, choice of Creole remoulade sauce or New Orleans-style cocktail sauce190$22
Shrimp remouladeChilled jumbo shrimp, choice of Creole remoulade sauce or New Orleans-style cocktail sauce350$22

Ruth Chris Salads & Soups Prices

Caesar salad*Fresh romaine hearts, Romano cheese, creamy Caesar dressing, shaved Parmesan, fresh ground black pepper500$14
Lettuce wedge(Calorie count does not include dressing) Crisp iceberg, field greens, bacon, blue cheese, choice of dressing220$14
Harvest saladMixed greens, roasted corn, dried cherries, bacon, tomatoes, white balsamic vinaigrette, goat cheese, Cajun pecans, crispy onions360$13
Ruth’s chop saladOur original … Julienne iceberg lettuce, baby spinach, radicchio, red onions, mushrooms, green olives, bacon, eggs, hearts of palm, croutons, blue cheese, lemon basil dressing, crispy onions470$14
House salad(Calorie count does not include dressing) Iceberg, baby arugula, baby lettuces, grape tomatoes, garlic croutons, red onions50$12
Soup du jour13

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Menu Specialty Cuts Prices

Cowboy Ribeye*Bone-in 22 oz USDA Prime cut1690$77
Bone-In Filet*USDA Prime bone-in 16 oz cut with ultimate tenderness470$89
Tomahawk Ribeye*USDA Prime, bone-in 40 oz ribeye, well-marbled3160$148

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Menu Entree Prices

ShrimpSix large shrimp, added to any entree100$18
Lobster TailBroiled, added to any entree50$20
OscarLump crabmeat, asparagus & bearnaise sauce, added to any entree400$20
Blue Cheese CrustAdd blue cheese, roasted garlic and a touch of bread crumbs to any steak200$6
Bearnaise Sauce280$5
Hollandaise Sauce290$5

Potatoes & Signature Sides Menu Prices

Au GratinSliced Idaho potatoes, three cheese sauce560$12.5
BakedOne lb., fully loaded800$12
MashedHints of roasted garlic440$14
Julienne FriesClassic cut french fries740$12
Sweet Potato CasseroleWith a pecan crust770$15
Lyonnaise PotatoesCaramelized onions, fresh thyme, garlic butter870$14
Lobster Mac & CheeseOur signature side, accented with tender, succulent lobster meat930$27

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Menu Vegetables Prices

Creamed SpinachA Ruth’s classic440$14
Roasted Brussels SproutsBacon, honey butter570$15
Grilled AsparagusHollandaise sauce 290 cal100$13
Cremini MushroomsPan-roasted, fresh thyme360$15
Fresh BroccoliSimply steamed80$12
French Fried Onion RingsRuth’s original recipe790$13

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Menu Seafood & Specialties

Stuffed Chicken BreastOven roasted double chicken breast, garlic herb cheese, lemon butter720$39
Garlic Crusted Sea BassChilean sea bass, panko-garlic crust, lemon butter, baby spinach920$48
Vegetarian PlateChoose three of your favorite potato or vegetable sides to build your entree340-2460$36
Salmon FilletBroiled with lemon, butter & parsley380$37
Barbecued Shrimp EntreeLarge shrimp, white wine, garlic butter & spices; served over mashed potatoes1380$38
Fresh LobsterFresh whole Maine lobster, 2.5 pounds and up; priced per pound 310-490MARKET PRICE

Ruth Chris Steakhouse Dessert Menu

CheesecakeCreamy homemade cheesecake served with fresh berries$12
Warm Apple Crumb TartGranny Smith apples baked in a flaky pastry with streusel crust; served with vanilla ice cream$12
Chocolate Sin CakeFlourless chocolate cake blended with espresso$12
Creme BruleeClassic Creole vanilla custard, topped with fresh berries$12
Bread Pudding with Whiskey SauceOur definitive version of a traditional New Orleans favorite$12
Chocolate Mousse CheesecakeCreamy chocolate mousse on an Oreo cookie crust topped with whipped cream$12
Ice Cream / Sorbet$8
Fresh Seasonal Berries with Sweet Cream SauceA celebration of natural flavors$12

Ruth Chris Steakhouse Beverages Menu

French Press CoffeeSmall (2 cups) $4.50Large (4 cups) $8.50

Ruth Chris Prices Menu for Steaks & Chops

Ruth Chris Steak House is a luxurious restaurant that offers an extensive menu with high-quality food and drinks. The Ruth Chris prices are slightly higher than average, but the experience and food are worth it. 

ruth chris price menu

The menu has something for everyone, including seafood, steak, chicken, and vegetarian dishes. If you’re looking to splurge on a special night out, Ruth Chris is the perfect place. Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time!

New York Strip*USDA Prime, full-bodied 16 oz cut, slightly firmer than a ribeye1390$59
T-Bone*Full-flavored 24 oz USDA Prime cut1220$65
Lamb Chops*Three extra thick chops, fresh mint860$59
Ribeye*USDA Prime 16 oz cut, well-marbled for peak flavor, deliciously juicy1370$67
Pork Chop*Center-cut chop, fine-grained, flavorful & served sizzling, sliced cinnamon apples820$39
Filet*Tender corn-fed Midwestern beef, 11 oz cut500$59
Petite Filet*Equally tender 8 oz filet340$52
Porterhouse*40 oz USDA Prime cut combining the rich flavor of a strip & the tenderness of a filet2260$116
Tournedos and Shrimp*Two 4 oz filet medallions, Cajun-dusted large shrimp470$59

Ordering Methods and Availability

Ordering from this restaurant is straightforward. You can place an order online by selecting your preferred delivery method (restaurant pickup, curbside pickup, or home delivery), entering your address and chosen dishes, and then providing contact and payment information.

The Steak House also works with several well-known delivery services, including Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and Door Dash, allowing for orders through their platforms.

Here’s a quick summary of the available services:

  • In-Store: Yes
  • Drive Thru: No
  • Home Delivery: Yes
  • Curbside Pickup: Yes

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Service Reviews

Reviews for Ruth’s Chris Steak House are mixed. Some people had great experiences, especially on special days like birthdays or Valentine’s Day, praising the good service and food.

But, others were not as impressed, mentioning overpriced or disappointing meals. So, it seems the experience can vary depending on the day and location.​

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Customer Services

FAQs About Ruth’s Chris Steak House Menu Prices

What Is The Standard Ruth’s Chris Tip?

At Ruth’s Chris Steak House, the standard tip is generally between 18-20% of the total bill. This amount can vary based on the quality of service and personal preference.

Is the restaurant serving a gluten-free menu?

Yes, Ruth’s Chris Steak House offers a gluten-friendly menu with various options including appetizers, steaks, seafood, sides, and desserts. The kitchens aren’t entirely gluten-free, so there’s a risk of cross-contamination.

Can customers bring their own wine to Ruth’s Chris Steak House?

Yes, customers can bring their own wine to Ruth’s Chris Steak House, but this policy may vary by location.

Is Ruth Chris expensive?

Yes, Ruth’s Chris Steak House is pricey. A full meal per person, with drinks, appetizers, and dessert, typically costs between $80 to $150 and more.

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