Cinnabon Menu Prices – Updated 2024

The prices on the Cinnabon menu may differ based on your location. We’re presenting the U.S. menu, last updated in 2024. For exact prices, please visit Cinnabon’s official website, mobile apps, or delivery platforms.

cinnabon menu prices

Cinnabon primarily offers a range of cinnamon rolls and baked goods like classic rolls, churros, and BonBites, along with beverages, generally priced under $20.

Cinnabon Menu with Prices 2024

Cinnabon offers an array of cinnapacks including classic, minibon, caramel pecan varieties, among others. Additionally, they serve a range of other baked treats like classic rolls, caramel pecanbons, minibons, center of the roll, bonbites, and churros.

cinnabon menu prices 2023

Their beverage menu features bottled water, milk, lemonades, and hot coffee. Let’s dive into the Cinnabon menu and explore the options along with their prices.

Cinnabon Baked Treats Menu

Menu ItemsServing SizePrice
Cinnabon Classic Roll$3.76
Caramel Pecanbon Roll$4.71
Center of the Roll$3.30
Cinnabon Stix5 Pc.$3.29
Cinnabon Stix10 Pc.$5.49
CinnaSweeties5 Pc.$2.49
CinnaSweeties10 Pc.$3.99
Cinnabon Bites4 Pc.$3.29
Extra Frosting$0.71

Cinnabon Baked Treats (CinnaPack – Pre-Packed & Ready To Heat)

Menu ItemsServing SizePrice
Cinnabon Classic4 Rolls$12.99
Cinnabon Classic6 Rolls$17.45
Caramel Pecanbon4 Rolls$16.99
Caramel Pecanbon6 Rolls$22.99
Combo (Classic or Caramel Pecanbon)4 Rolls$14.99
Combo (Classic or Caramel Pecanbon)6 Rolls$20.99
MiniBon9 Rolls$14.99
MiniBon15 Rolls$21.99

Cinnabon Sweet Sips Menu Prices

Cinnabon drinks menu
Menu ItemsServing SizePrice
Chillattas (Oreo, Cinnamon Roll Coffee, Chocolate Mocha, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana or Tropical BlastRegular$4.71
Chillattas (Oreo, Cinnamon Roll Coffee, Chocolate Mocha, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana or Tropical BlastLarge$5.65
MochaLatta ChillRegular$4.71
MochaLatta ChillLarge$5.65
Cinnamon Roll Iced CoffeeRegular$2.99
Cinnamon Roll Iced CoffeeLarge$3.58
Vanilla Iced CoffeeRegular$2.99
Vanilla Iced CoffeeLarge$3.58
Cinnabon Signature CoffeeRegular$1.65
Cinnabon Signature CoffeeLarge$1.88
Soft DrinkLarge$1.79
Raspberry LemonadeRegular$3.30
Raspberry LemonadeLarge$3.77
Chocolate MilkLarge$1.89
Hot ChocolateLarge$2.36
Hot TeaLarge$1.69

Cinnabon Speciality Roll

Menu ItemsPrice (USD)
Classic Roll$3.99
Caramel Pecanbon$4.99
Churro Chillatta$5.49
Caramel Apple Bon$4.99

Cinnabon Customer Services

  • Cinnabon Headquarter: 5620 Glenridge Dr., NE · Atlanta, GA 30342
  • Cinnabon Customer Services Number: 888-288-7655
  • Cinnabon Contact Form: Click

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FAQs About Cinnabon Menu Prices

What are some featured items on the Cinnabon menu?

Featured items include Cinnapacks, Signature Blended Beverages like Chillattas, Baked Treats such as the Center of the Roll, and Iced Beverages like Cold Brew Iced Coffee.

What are some secret menu items available at Cinnabon?

Cinnabon offers secret menu items like a Classic Roll, Center of the Roll, MiniBon, or BonBites with unique twists. Ask your Cinnabon baker for the latest creations.

Are there any options for taking Cinnabon treats home?

Yes, Cinnabon offers CinnaPacks which are pre-packed and ready to heat. These are available in different sizes and combinations.

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