Outback Menu with Prices 2022

Updated Outback Menu with Prices

The Outback Steakhouse is a popular restaurant chain known for its hearty fare and steaks. If you’re looking to visit the Outback or want to know what’s on the menu, then be sure to check out this post.

outback steakhouse menu

We’ll provide detailed information about the prices and items on the menu so that you can make an informed decision before your next visit.

Outback Steakhouse Menu for Everyone

The Outback Steakhouse menu is full of options for everyone. There are meals for those who want something hearty and filling and lighter fare for those looking for something a bit less heavy.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find something to please your palate on the Outback menu. So, if you’re looking for a great steakhouse experience, be sure to check out the menus at Outback locations near you!

Outback Menu Prices for Appetizers

If you’re looking to enjoy a delicious Australian-inspired meal, be sure to check out the prices on the outback menu. You’ll find something for everyone, whether you’re in the mood for one of their famously big steaks or some lighter fare. 

The Australian-themed restaurant chain Outback Steakhouse is an excellent option if you’re looking for an affordable meal out.

While the prices may vary depending on your location, Outback offers a wide range of dishes at a reasonable cost. Here are some sample menu items and their corresponding prices: 

To read more about the prices at Outback Steakhouse, please visit their website. We’ll be happy to help you plan your next dining experience!

Outback Appetizers Menu Prices

Outback Menu AppetizersPrices
Bloom Petals$ 10.29
Bloomin’ Onion$ 9.49
Sydney ‘shrooms$ 8.49
Crab Cakes Appetizer$ 11.49
Volcano Shrimp$ 10.29
Steakhouse Quesadillas$ 12.99
Kookaburra Wings$ 11.29
Aussie Cheese Fries $ 10.29
Steakhouse Mac & Cheese Bites$ 6.49
Grilled Shrimp on The Barbie$ 10.99
Aussie Signature Sampler$ 10.99
Alice Springs Chicken Quesadillas$ 10.99
Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp $ 10.29
Seared Peppered Ahi$ 13.49

Outback Menu with Prices 2022

Are you looking to visit the outback menu with prices for 2022? You’ve come to the right place! Here we will take a look at some of the most popular items on the menu and their corresponding prices.

outback steakhouse delicious menu with prices

So, whether you’re looking to satisfy your hunger pangs or treat yourself to something special, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. 

From steaks and seafood to burgers and salads, there’s something for everyone on the Outback menu. And best of all – the prices are very reasonable, making it an excellent option for budget-minded diners. So what are you waiting for? Reserve your table at Outback today!

Outback Steaks Menu with Prices & Sizes

Outback Signature SteaksSizesPrices
Classic Tenderloin9.75oz$11.99
New York Strip 14oz14oz$24.49
Slow-Roasted Prime Rib8oz$19.49
Sirloin & Choice of Shrimp11oz$22.29
Victoria’s Filet Mignon9oz$27.99
Slow-Roasted Prime Rib16oz$24.49
Outback Center-cut Sirloin8oz$17.29
Victoria’s Filet Mignon6oz$22.99
Classic Tenderloin13oz$14.99
Slow-Roasted Prime Rib12oz$22.49
Outback Center-cut Sirloin6oz$13.29
Sirloin & Choice of Shrimp8oz$20.29
Outback Center-cut Sirloin11oz$20.29
Bone-in Natural Cut Ribeye 22oz$28.99

Outback Surf Add-Ons Prices

Outback Surf Add-Ons MenuPrices
Grilled Lobster Tail$10.99
Coconut Shrimp$5.99
Steamed Lobster Tail$10.99
Grilled Shrimp$5.99
Jumbo Lump Crab Cake $7.99

Outback Forkless Menu Prices

Outback Forkless FeaturesPrices
The Bloomin’ Burger$10.49
Double Burger$11.49
Aussie Fish Tacos$11.99
The Outback Burger$9.49
Aussie Steak Tacos$10.99
Grass-Fed Burger with Aged Cheddar$12.49
Aussie Chicken Tacos$10.99
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $10.99

Outback Sea Food Menu Prices

Straight from the SeaSizesPrices
Hand-Breaded Shrimp$14.99
Bacon-Bourbon Salmon10oz$18.99
Lobster Tails$26.49
Perfectly Grilled Salmon10oz$17.99
Crab Cakes$19.99
Bacon-Bourbon Salmon7oz$16.99
Tilapia with Pure Lump Crab Meat$16.99
Perfectly Grilled Salmon 7oz $15.99

Outback Chicken, Ribs, Chops Menu Prices

Outback Chicken, Ribs, Chops, & More Prices
Pork Porterhouse$14.99
Grilled Chicken on the Barbie$13.99
Chicken Tender Platter$12.99
Parmesan-Herb Crusted Chicken$14.99
Baby Back Ribs Half Order$16.99
New Zealand Lamb$22.49
Alice Springs Chicken$15.99
Baby Back Ribs Full Order$21.49

Outback Sides Menu Prices

Outback Freshly Made Potatoes & SidesPrices
Broccoli & Cheese$3.99
Baked Potato & Chicken Tortilla Soup Cup$4.49
Grilled Asparagus$3.99
Steakhouse Mac & Cheese$4.99
Loaded Mashed Potatoes$3.99
Homestyle Mashed Potatoes, Aussie Fries, Baked Potato, & Sweet Potato$2.99
Fresh Seasonal Mixed Veggies, Fresh Steamed Broccoli, & Sauteed Mushrooms$2.99

Outback Desserts Menu with Prices

outback desserts menu with prices
Outback Irresistible DessertsPrices
Triple-Layer Carrot Cake$6.99
Chocolate Thunder from Down Under$7.99
Double Chocolate or Seasonal Parfaits$4.99
Salted Caramel Topped Cheesecake$7.99
Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet$4.99
New York-Style Cheesecake$6.99

Outback Steakhouse Menu with Prices

Are you looking to have a delicious meal out but don’t want to spend a fortune? If so, Outback Steakhouse is the perfect place for you! the outback steakhouse menu has something for everyone, and their prices are very reasonable.

We will take a closer look at the Outback Steakhouse menu and provide you with some of their most popular dishes and corresponding prices. So, whether you’re in the mood for steak, chicken, seafood, or pasta, Outback Steakhouse is sure to please!

Outback menu prices are always a popular choice for dinner. If you’re curious about what’s on the menu, keep reading! We’ll provide a breakdown of some of our favorite dishes along with their corresponding prices. 

Outback Steak

Outback Steak StylesPrices
Mushroom Marsala Style$1.99
Roasted Garlic Butter Style $1.49

For Delicious Steak Menu ??

Outback Salads Menu with Prices

Outback Salads MenuPrices
Caesar Side Salad$4.99
Blue Cheese Pecan Chopped Side Salad$5.99
Steakhouse Salad$13.99
Aussie Cobb Salad with chicken$13.99
Caesar Salad with chicken or shrimp$12.99
Blue Cheese Wedge Side Salad$5.99
Aussie Cobb Salad$10.99
House Side Salad$4.99
Caesar Salad$9.99

Outback Soups Menu Prices

Outback SoupsPrices
French Onion Soup$6.99
Chicken Tortilla Soup Cup$4.49
Baked Potato Soup Cup $4.49
Chicken Tortilla Soup Bowl$5.99
Baked Potato Soup Bowl$5.99

Outback Menu with Prices Lunch

Are you looking for a great lunch spot with equally great prices? Look no further than the Outback Steakhouse. Their lunch menu has something for everyone, from burgers and salads to steak and ribs, all costing $10 or less. 

So whether you’re in the mood for some classic American fare or a taste of Australia, the Outback is sure to please. Check out their full menu below.

Outback Snacks Menu for Lunch

Outback Snacks MenuPrices
Coconut Shrimp Small$4.99
Bloom Petals$4.49
Seared Peppered Ahi Small$9.49
Alice Springs Chicken Quesadillas$7.49

Outback Steakhouse Menu Kids

If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable dining option for your family, look no further than the Outback Steakhouse menu. Featuring hearty portions of American classics like steak and chicken, Outback also offers a variety of lighter options and sides perfect for kids. 

Plus, outback steakhouse kids menu with prices starting at just $10 per person, it’s easy to enjoy a great meal without breaking the bank. So next time you’re in the mood for some good old-fashioned comfort food, head on over to Outback Steakhouse!

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